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5 Ways to Reduce your Air Conditioner Electricity Bill during Melbourne’s Summer

We can all acknowledge how harsh Melbourne summers can be. There is a constant use of air conditioners in Melbourne homes to beat the heat, which consequently increases electricity bill. The modern air conditioning units feature energy-efficient technology to save up on your electricity bills. However, still, a 24/7-functioning air conditioner would end up representing a major part of your utility expense. The reason is that your system is trying to consume more electricity to blow cold air into your rooms.

If you are facing the same issue and want an answer to how to lower electric bill in summer, you will want to keep reading! 

How to lower your electricity bill in summer 

We have listed down five different ways you can reduce your electricity bill during Melbourne’s hot summer. 

Block sunlight 

For your air conditioner to perform optimally, you need to block sunlight by either putting curtains on your windows or covering them with a vine or shrub. The lesser sunlight in your room, the higher the performance of your air conditioner will be. Also, if you can place your outer unit in the shade, it would be a bonus. 

Regular HVAC maintenance  

Every HVAC system needs maintenance to function well. A faulty air conditioning unit consumes more electricity. Therefore, regular preventative maintenance helps keep major issues at bay, causing your ac to function well. 

Clean air filters  

Dust and dirt buildup can block your system’s air filters. As a consequence, your system functions harder thereby, consuming more energy. If you want to lower your summer electric bill, make regular washing and cleaning of air filters a practice. It will also help the air conditioning unit to function effectively. Also, if you think your air filters are old, you can always replace them. 

Programmable thermostat 

Always opt for programmable thermostats because they are one of the best ways to reduce AC electricity bills. They allow users to adjust room temperature as per their comfort. Moreover, a programmable thermostat also maintains a consistent temperature throughout. The estimates suggest that users can save up to 10 per cent of electricity expense with programmable thermostats. 

Seal openings 

If you have any openings in your house that can potentially let the heat in, you should seal them. If heat keeps entering the property, it is going to affect the performance of your air conditioners, causing them to compensate for the heat by consuming electricity.  

Even though air conditioners now feature energy-efficient systems, they are still not sufficient to lower the electricity bill. These small but useful actions contribute majorly to decreasing your energy spend. For more information regarding your air conditioners, contact us


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