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Arctick launches new consumer advice website

www.lookforthetick.com.au is the latest resource for all advice on air conditioning purchases, servicing and general questions.

The website is created by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), an Australian Government body responsible for refrigerant handling licenses, and a joint administrator of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) rating labelling scheme.

A post called ‘Four questions to ask before you purchase an air conditioner’ suggests:

  • Discuss the layout of your house and influences like insulation, windows and rooms to be cooled
  • Is the system’s kW size the right capacity for your needs?
  • How energy efficient is the system? Look for the star rating sticker.
  • Discuss installation and ensure installers are licensed with ARC. Never DIY install a fluorocarbon-gas air conditioner, you need a license to legally install these systems.

Or find the full ARC Checklist here http://www.lookforthetick.com.au/docs/ARD374%20Retail%20Checklist%20DL.pdf

There are also helpful tips on car air conditioners, fridges and freezers – including safe disposal and servicing of these.

To answer the four questions above:

  • Over 60 years of combined knowledge ensures you always receive the right advice for your home and individual need.
  • Our technicians are experts on what systems are suitably sized for your home layout and room size.
  • We are proud to supply Daikin systems, chosen as the most environmentally efficient air conditioning available.
  • Surrey Air ARC Licence Number is AU 12201. Our technicians undergo regular training to update their skills, so they can give you the right advice on the very latest technology and systems available to meet your needs. We also provide tips on easy ways to save power costs and safely maintain your units in good working order, and offer preventative maintenance servicing. Read more:


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