A Sunroom can have many complications with too much glass and little to no insulation, this is why you must choose your heating or cooling system carefully. Here are some of the best options you can choose from:

Hydronic Heating:

Hydronic heating uses water to send heat through pipes throughout your house and is a better alternative for gas heaters. Although these units have a higher installation cost, its running cost has no comparison, with customers saving money on energy & gas bills.

Gas Ducted Heating:

Gas Ducted heating transfers the heat from your gas heater through vents and is a good option for buildings with pre-existing gas heaters that are still in working condition. Ducts can be installed beneath floors or inside the ceilings of your sunroom and is an affordable and efficient system. Additionally, these systems accommodate add-on cooling, and there is also an added custom zoned & Temperature control function in the latest models.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning:

This is a popular all-in-one solution to heat or cool your sunroom all year round. 

Split System:

Split systems are the most popular option among users and offer many options for different room sizes with inverter technology to save you a lot in energy bills.  

Multi-Split System:

You can heat or cool multiple rooms with multiple indoor units connected to only one outdoor unit, with the ability to control individual units separately. Furthermore, you can control the temperature of your sunroom separately from the whole house if you need a higher or lower temperature in Winter or Summer to the rest of your home.

Ducted Reverse Cycle System:

Best for people who are renovating or building a new home and desire all-around comfort, ducted reverse cycle systems offer a quiet set-up that can heat or cool your entire home and can be zoned and temperature controlled to make it more accessible. 

Contact Surrey Air, the best heating and cooling specialist in Melbourne, for the best heating or cooling systems for your heating units repaired.


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