Best way to replace your old aircon

Is your struggling and noisy cooling or heating unit preventing you from having a perfect indoor temperature?

We can all agree that air conditioning makes a Melbourne summer all the more pleasurable. While heating is often needed 9-10 months of the year!

The best way to replace your old aircon is with a new energy efficient Daikin system. Daikin’s US7, Zena, and Cora split systems offer superior efficiency, engineering, design and comfort at exceptional prices.

You also want a reliable and experienced climate care specialist to expertly assess your rooms and needs, then quote on the best solutions for your needs and budget. Avoid buying what you think is a good deal on eBay without considering the installation costs, parts availability and running costs first.

5 very good reasons why it isn’t worth putting up with old, inefficient units:

1. Heating and cooling can amount to up to 40% of your annual energy bill. Old units cost more to run, and that is an unnecessary pain in your pack pocket every month. Replacing with new could save you up to 25% on ducted air conditioner and an amazing 46% on split system running costs. Those savings will pay for your new units in no time at all.

2. Old units may produce uneven cooling and heating. Why argue over who gets the seat near then the split-system or under the vent when everyone in the room could

be cool and happy?

3. New units have advanced technology that produces better air quality. If asthma or allergies are a concern in your home or office, then consider Daikin’s National Asthma Council approved air conditioners.

4. The longer your old system struggles along, the costlier it will be to repair. Eventually, repair will no longer be an option. Take control of when and how you replace your system today, rather than make a stressed and expensive buying mistake in the middle of a heatwave.

5. Old units make noise – lots of noise. Noise makes it harder to sleep, work, hear the TV and have a conversation. You’ll be amazed at how quiet a new unit is, and the difference silence will make to your life.

We live in the lucky country, but it comes with a harsh climate. You want to enjoy being Australian, and live and work in perfect comfort at any time of year.

Talk to Surrey Air about your options and book a quote to replace your old aircon today.


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