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Melbournians know to expect warm days in summer. Temperatures can easily reach into the 40s. When you’re running your air conditioner all day to get some relief, it can start to struggle and the work can easily impact on the life of your unit. Booking an air conditioning repair service is not only much cheaper than having to replace an entire unit, but it can extend the life of your existing air conditioner, preventing costly replacements or later repairs. Here are some signs to look for that indicate your air con needs some tender love and care.

Increase in Power Bills

One of the biggest indicators your air conditioner needs a repair service is a blowout in your energy usage. Unfortunately, it’s also one that can go unrecognised for some time. It can be a month or months between bills, and while you may be shocked by a sudden increase, you may not necessarily look to your air conditioner as the culprit. Melbourne’s weather is unpredictable, and so our air conditioner usage can be sporadic, using it for days in a row during a heatwave, and then not at all for a week or two while the weather is more clement. But if you do notice an increase in your energy bill, it could well be a sign your air conditioner needs some maintenance.

Inconsistent Air

If your unit is blowing warm air when it should be cooling the room down, or vice versa, it’s a very strong signal that it’s on the way out and needs a maintenance check. There are several reasons why your unit may be blowing inconsistent air — a damaged compressor or low refrigerant levels, for example — but all can usually be remedied through a service if you address the cause early.

Low Air Flow

Low or weaker air flow could mean dirty filters, blocked vents or other flow interruptions. Very weak or non-existent air flow, however, is a good indication that your unit’s compressor needs replacing. Check the unit’s vents and filter to see if there are any obstructions. If there are none, or correcting these doesn’t seem to change its operation, it may mean you need a replacement. It’s worth calling a technician to inspect the unit just in case a cheaper solution can be found.

Strange Emissions

If your unit begins to emit an unusual smell or make strange noises it hasn’t made before, it could be foreshadowing its imminent demise. Most units run smoothly and relatively quietly, so any sudden ticks or whirrs could mean a loose or blocked component. Strange odours can be a sign of damaged insulation, a filthy filter, or a buildup of dust, mildew or mould within the unit. Do any of these problems sound (or smell) familiar? If yes, then it’s probably time to get your air conditioner serviced. Surrey Air can help you with that.

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