Even for extremely healthy people, coping with excessive heat is fraught with difficulties. But for the young and the elderly, there are even more risks involved.

Each demographic is more susceptible for different reasons. In the case of the very young, their bodies are not fully developed enough to adapt easily to severe changes in temperatures. For the elderly, it is their fragility that leads to the same issue.

While we are coming to the end of yet another Australian summer, it doesn’t mean the risk of excessive temperatures has abated until next Christmas.

For anyone who lives in Australia, we all know how quickly the weather can turn—and a scorcher can come out of nowhere.

With that mind, prevention is better than cure—as they say. For all of us there are the obvious precautions to follow, such as staying hydrated and covering up, but what are the more specific steps you can take to care for both the very young and the elderly when the thermometer starts to rise?

The Elderly

The Very Young


In situations of extreme heat, it is best to apply common sense. However uncomfortable you may be feeling is only going to be exacerbated for the very young or the elderly. Put yourself in their shoes and everyone can stay comfortable and safe on those hot Aussie days.


Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals – this is general information only. If you think you are experiencing the described conditions, seek medical attention immediately.