Choose the Best Commercial Heating Services in Melbourne

Commercial heating system set on the roof of the building

When winters hit Melbourne, they can be extremely harsh. To ensure comfort and warmth, commercial heating is important to keep your company’s employees well-adjusted and productive.  Commercial heating has numerous benefits; therefore, it is important for every business owner to consider installing a heating system before the winter season sets in.       BENEFITS OF […]

The Best Hydronic Heating Services in Australia

System floor radiant with polyethylene pipesSystem floor radiant with polyethylene pipes

Enjoying Melbourne winter in all its glory can come at a cost – higher electricity consumption. You can’t avoid rising electricity charges when it comes to heating your home. However, choosing the right system to reduce energy consumption can help. We can recommend you something that is not only energy efficient but also eco-friendly – […]

Pros and Cons of Repair vs Replacing

technician doing heating system repair

 If you have got an air conditioning (HVAC) system, you may be faced with technical issues here and there, after all, it is a machine. What do you first do when your air conditioning (HVAC) system breaks down? Repair it? That could be the first thing that might come to your mind.  However, there are […]

The Best Residential Heating Services in Melbourne

Residential heating system

There are different types of heating systems available on the market that heat up your residential space. While some heating units have separate functions, some feature cooling and heating.  Regardless of the heating system you install, the core purpose is to generate thermal energy using a source and distribute it within the living spaces while […]

Signs your Gas Heater Needs Replacement

man doing gas heater replacement

People often tend to overlook the signs their heater shows and rather choose to drag the issue until the unit completely breaks down. For your information, the heater is one of the most sensitive equipment; therefore, you need to keep a close check on signs that vividly ask for a replacement or even those that […]

Top Energy Saving Tips for Summer

energy saving tips for summer

With bushfires, hot summers, and frosty winters, global warming in Australia has really acted up in the last few years. The summer season in Australia not only drains the energy out of the body but also the money out of your wallet.  There is no doubt that we all want to relax in an air-conditioned […]


Surrey Air – Providing Top Quality Heating Repair Need Heating Repair Service? Surrey Air is your best choice Is your heater not turning on? Or is your heater blowing cold air? The last thing you would want in Melbournian winters is a broken heater. Whenever you experience such issues, the best possible thing you could […]

Commercial Air Conditioning R22 Phase Out 

If you have had an air conditioner for over ten years, it probably has R22 refrigerant gas. R-22 is also known as Freon or HCFC-22 gas, and it is used as an air conditioning refrigerant for cooling purposes. Back in the old days, it was extensively used in domestic and commercial air conditioning units; however, […]

Why Heater Maintenance and Air Conditioning Service saves lives 

Air conditioners and heaters run at higher temperatures to provide us with the ultimate comfort in extreme weather conditions. However, just like every machine, you need regular preventive maintenance to keep them up and running. However, neglecting regular air conditioning service and heater maintenance may cause more damage than you’d expect. As we know that […]

5 Ways to Reduce your Air Conditioner Electricity Bill during Melbourne’s Summer

man checking air conditioner for efficient electricity bill

We can all acknowledge how harsh Melbourne summers can be. There is a constant use of air conditioners in Melbourne homes to beat the heat, which consequently increases electricity bill. The modern air conditioning units feature energy-efficient technology to save up on your electricity bills. However, still, a 24/7-functioning air conditioner would end up representing […]