Emergency HVAC Repair: What to Do When Your System Breaks Down

Surrey air technician doing heating system servicing in Melbourne

In the realm of homeownership, few things are as crucial as a functioning HVAC system, especially when it comes to maintaining year-round comfort. However, despite our best efforts at upkeep, unexpected malfunctions can occur, turning our reliable heating and cooling systems into sources of stress and discomfort that need emergency aircon repair. Understanding how to […]

Optimising Commercial Building HVAC Systems for Efficiency and Cost Savings 

Daikin commercial air conditioning system Melbourne

Commercial building HVAC systems have a profound impact on the comfort and productivity of employees. For this reason, businesses look for commercial HVAC systems that are highly efficient and save them from hefty energy bills.  Performance efficiency and cost savings are the two main things you look for in an HVAC system. You can make […]

Split Systems Unveiled: Working, Servicing, Costs

Surrey Air technician performing split system regassing

Know all about your Split Systems; Working, Servicing, Costs, Maintenance And Repairs With Surrey Air.  Learn professional secrets about split system air conditioner servicing. This split air conditioner system guide provides comprehensive information about installation, maintenance, repairs, increasing energy efficiency and running the split system air conditioners at reduced costs.  What is a Split System […]

The Future Of HVAC: Top Trends in HVAC Technology for Australian Homes

HVAC split system

Like all other machines, HVAC systems have new tech-based tweaks that make them highly efficient and keep them trending in the market! The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is one of the oldest yet in-demand heating and cooling systems. Despite having advanced technology for cooling homes, such as split system air conditioners and […]

Benefits of Regular Air Duct Cleaning for Improved Indoor Air Quality 

Surrey air technician doing air conditioning duct cleaning

Do air conditioning ducts need to be cleaned? This question bothers many ducted air conditioner owners when they see service providers emphasising the need for regular air duct cleaning services. While we always hear about getting air duct cleaning maintenance services once a year, we don’t know the importance and benefits it brings to our […]

How Can Airborne Transmission of Indoor Pollutants Be Minimised This Holiday Season?

woman coughing because of indoor pollutants during holiday season

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health (NIEH), “Indoor air quality is a global issue. Both short- and long-term exposure to indoor air pollution can cause a range of health issues, including respiratory diseases, heart disease, cognitive deficits, and cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 3.8 million people worldwide die every year […]

How HVAC Maintenance Can Save Your Summer and Holiday Plans? 

Empty wooden table on Christmas ornaments background with fireplace.

The holiday season has begun. Festives are around the corner. You must have already finalized your summer and holiday plans!    Whether planning a party at home,  a cozy night with your partner or going out, your plans must be all set to get into action. The last thing you want to see is seeing them […]

7 HVAC Resolutions For New Year 2024 

New year HVAC resolutions

The clock is ticking fast. The new year is almost here! Why not sit and make resolutions for the year ahead? In the new year, you must take a pen and paper and plan the next 12 months of your life with a definitive goal. A goal or self-resolution of improving your health, career, or […]

The Best HVAC Maintenance And Tune Up Tips Every Homeowner Should Know 

HVAC Maintenance tips

Are you searching for a cost-effective solution to achieve efficient cooling while enhancing the lifespan of your HVAC system?  If your answer is yes and you want to evade the HVAC maintenance costs, you must learn to take care of your HVAC system yourself. While it doesn’t exempt you from the annual maintenance, this approach […]

Why You Need To Check Your HVAC Filters Before Summer? 

Surrey air technician changing HVAC filter

Air conditioner filters are the most crucial component of the HVAC system that directly affects its performance. To keep your HVAC functioning to its maximum capacity, you must take care of its filters, especially before the summer starts!  If your HVAC has worked throughout the winter or stayed sleeping, it’s time to check its filters. […]