Why an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan is Important as a Commercial Building Owner. 

An air conditioner is a necessity for commercial spaces because it provides consistent and controlled temperature and comfort to visitors and workers. Commercial air conditioners are different from residential ones; hence, they require specialized HVAC skills. Therefore, to keep your air conditioning system up and running and comply with labour regulations, you should sign up for a […]

The Importance of Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide Safety Checks.  

The topic of carbon dioxide monitoring is gaining considerable attention, as it is important for improved indoor air quality. Exposure to higher contents of carbon dioxide can not only be harmful but fatal. The reason is that the gas is colorless and odorless. The inability to see, smell or feel the gas fumes in the […]


Melbourne, known for its highly unpredictable weather changes, commercial HVAC holds considerable importance. Commercial heating and cooling systems in the workplace are important to create a comfortable environment for your employees and customers.   If you have already installed a commercial heating and cooling system, we hope you are aware of the importance of maintaining your […]

Surrey Air can upgrade your system to new generation gases.

Is your air conditioner older than 2010? If yes, then the chances are that it has R22 gas. Commonly known as Freon and recognized as HCFC-2 by the Environmental Protection Agency, R22 gas is a chemical that enables air conditioners to blow cool air into the room. The refrigerant gas was commonly found in air […]

The Best HVAC Specialists in Melbourne


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) was once a term only in the dictionary of professionals. However, today, it is widely common in the industry. HVAC&R has become associated with air conditioning and is frequently used as a synonym in the industry.   WHAT IS HVAC&R?  Let’s start with the most important question first – […]

The Right Time to Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioner

man doing Air Conditioner installation

Has your heating or air conditioning unit broken down again? Do you find yourself stuck in a dilemma where you have to decide between air conditioning repairs and replacement?   Regular HVAC maintenance is indeed paramount. It keeps the AC system up and running efficiently because it detects minor to comprehensive issues at an early stage thereby, extending […]

Heating Repair & Maintenance in Melbourne

Heating Repair

Since colder days of the year have come across in Melbourne, heating services and heating repair is the talk of the town. From this essential heating service, the residential and commercial sector is appropriately managed during winters. To maintain the efficiency of the system, the systems need to be repaired and maintained from time to […]

Commercial Heating Services in Melbourne

Commercial Heating Services in Melbourne

Devise yourself to experience the cold winters in Melbourne by ensuring that your heating systems are working in order with Surrey Air.  Surrey Air has been providing advanced heating services in different suburbs of Melbourne for the past 35 years. Their commercial heating services can be scaled to cater to your commercial heating needs. They […]

Preventive Maintenance with Surrey Care

surrey care

Since all kinds of equipment are prone to failing at certain times with a certain amount of usage, preventive maintenance is used to save the equipment from damage or failures. Lessening the likelihood of failures is commonly done through preventive maintenance. However, unlike other maintenance types, this is done while the equipment is still in […]