The Best HVAC Specialists in Melbourne


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The Systems supplied and installed by Surrey Air work in both heating and cooling residential and commercial sectors. HVAC systems can be found in almost any home or business where they provide environmental comfort and temperature regulation, using fresh air from outdoors to supply high-quality indoor air.  […]

The Right Time to Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

The choice between Repairing or replacing your air conditioner is a common dilemma that many people face, and is often a choice made quickly to regain comfort and temperature control in your home.  Considering the lifespan of your unit is important when making this decision, as a repair on a 15–20-year-old unit may be cheaper […]

Heating Repair & Maintenance in Melbourne

Heating Repair

Since colder days of the year have come across in Melbourne, heating services and heating repair is the talk of the town. From this essential heating service, the residential and commercial sector is appropriately managed during winters. To maintain the efficiency of the system, the systems need to be repaired and maintained from time to […]

Commercial Heating Services in Melbourne

Commercial Heating Services in Melbourne

Devise yourself to experience the cold winters in Melbourne by ensuring that your heating systems are working in order with Surrey Air.  Surrey Air has been providing advanced heating services in different suburbs of Melbourne for the past 35 years. Their commercial heating services can be scaled to cater to your commercial heating needs. They […]

Preventive Maintenance with Surrey Care


Since all kinds of equipment are prone to failing at certain times with a certain amount of usage, preventive maintenance is used to save the equipment from damage or failures. Lessening the likelihood of failures is commonly done through preventive maintenance. However, unlike other maintenance types, this is done while the equipment is still in […]

Best Hydronic Heating Services in Australia

Serving Greater Melbourne and Peninsula for more than 3 decades, Surrey Air has proved itself as the best heating and cooling service providers in Australia. Hydronic heating is an extensively used system in the modern market, either commercial or residential. Standard hydronic heating systems are installed under the floor into slab systems through heating panels. […]

Here’s how the new WELL Building Standard can benefit you

Have your heard of the WELL Building Standard? 2016 has seen an influx of curiosity about in the International WELL Building Standard in Australia. Just as the Green Star rating made an impact on the Australian property market after its 2002 release, WELL looks to be following the same trend. WELL is a joint initiative […]

Melbourne’s best air conditioning and heating team

10 ways Surrey Air is Melbourne’s best air conditioning and heating service team We love our work, rain, hail or shine! The weather never stops for a rest. So the tech team at Surrey Air wake early and are out in the field until late attending to Melbourne heating and cooling needs 311 days each […]

Service and Repairs

When it comes to air conditioning services our promise is … ‘To be the most reliable air conditioning repair and breakdown specialists in the heating and cooling industry.’ Our streamlined procedures and friendly consultants will work hard to get your unit running again.


Reverse cycle air conditioning, evaporative cooling systems or refrigerated units? Split system heating or ducted heating? Need to know more? Our expert team can assess your home and present a budget friendly solution to quickly solve your heating and cooling needs.