Essentials of A Thermostat in Heating and Cooling Systems

Thermostat in Heating and Cooling Systems

A thermostat serves as a control centre for your HVAC system just as the brain serves your body, it is essential for the proper and efficient functioning of your HVAC System. Your HVAC system might malfunction due to technical faults in the thermostat, and therefore a HVAC specialist such as Surrey Air is here to […]

How HVAC System Maintenance Helps Maximise Your Air Quality

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Maintaining your heating and cooling system is important for ensuring good air quality inside your home. The first step is to identify if you’re experiencing any symptoms that are an indicator of poor air quality. Leaks inside your water works can lead to standing water underneath your home, which becomes a breeding ground for mould that can […]

How Often Should You Get A Heating and Cooling Service In Melbourne?

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Many people are unsure about when they should schedule a cooling and heating repair for their home. Ideally, you should get a cooling service before summer starts so there is sufficient time to inspect your HVAC unit and complete the repairs before you need to use your Cooling system every day in the peak of summer. […]

Ducted Air Conditioning vs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning vs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning is an alternative cooling system for a split system when wanting to cool the whole house rather than just one or two rooms and discreetly installed in the ceiling, out of your sight, unlike the split system. It transfers cool air through ducts to air outlets and sensors in each corner of […]



You might need to replace your air vents if you notice one of the following:  Noisy HVAC Operation: Vents often make noises but if these noises get worse or irritatingly loud, then you might need to call for a HVAC technician for a service or repair as this noise is a sign of a fault […]

Heating Services offered by Surrey Air

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How tiring it feels to breathe the same stagnant air, to be surrounded by the chilly environment which imparts a negative effect. As all these factors do is shower you with stress and uncertainty, they soak up your strength as well. Indeed, a bad influence but don’t you worry. Surrey Air has the perfect heating […]

Surrey Air – Unrivalled Installation Services in Melbourne

Surrey Air – Unrivalled Installation Services in Melbourne

Comfort from the environment and temperature inside your homes or offices comes from heating and cooling products. For such products to work perfectly, unmatched heating and cooling installation services are required. Don’t Worry! Surrey Air not only serves the people of greater Melbourne and Peninsula with heating and cooling services. Surrey Air provides cooling and […]

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Melbourne Australia


Nestled into the very heart of Victoria in the South of Australia, Melbourne is known for its fickle weather. The unpredictable weather of Melbourne makes it tough for people to cope with the frequent changes in the atmosphere. From the scorching hot days to the freezing mornings, the intense weather is very influential on Melbournians […]

Signs of Poor Air Quality in Home


Many people believe that staying indoors is probably the best way to avoid pollution, however, the truth is that the air inside is five times more polluted than the outdoor air.  Poor air quality can affect your health leading to ailments such as constant coughing, nausea, sneezing, dizziness and irritation in the eyes, nose and […]

Why we choose Daikin

Many of our customers ask us ‘Why Daikin?’ (and why not the other brands), so if you are wondering too, here’s our top five reasons why we choose Daikin … Surrey Air is proud of our 35 plus years as a Daikin dealer. Like us, Daikin is a team player who are motivated by quality, […]