What is an Indian summer?

Summer is the new autumn! Indian summer that is! The BOM has confirmed that the 2016.17 summer recorded above average temperatures even though February 2017 was officially Melbourne’s coldest since 2005. That year was also the last time we saw a summer without a 40-degree day. Even though the temperature didn’t make the 40s this […]

Best way to replace your old aircon

Is your struggling and noisy cooling or heating unit preventing you from having a perfect indoor temperature? We can all agree that air conditioning makes a Melbourne summer all the more pleasurable. While heating is often needed 9-10 months of the year! The best way to replace your old aircon is with a new energy […]

R22 HCFC – Air Conditioning Refrigerant Update

When should I replace my R22 system? We are getting this question more often as Australia moves towards the phase out of HCFC air conditioning refrigerants. Surrey Air has been advising on the use of out-dated air conditioning refrigerants for many years.  The ‘Surrey Air Replace or Repair Policy’, is to always replace badly damaged […]

Celebrating 35 years with a fresh new look for Surrey Air

Happy Birthday to Us! We’ve been understanding Melbourne’s seasons since 1981. 35 years ago, Surrey Air was born in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Surrey Hills. As a birthday treat, to celebrate this significant occasion, we decided that it was time to have a fresh spring makeover. We wanted our look to reflect Surrey Air’s […]

3 Spring cleaning tips to keep your air flowing

Does dust and pollen make you sneeze and itch? As spring approaches it may be necessary for you to service and clean your air conditioning system to make sure it keeps you cool in the hot weather instead of sniffy. However, it’s not just allergy sufferers that need to pay annual attention to their cooling […]

Save money on heating with reverse cycle air conditioners.

Save money on heating with reverse cycle air conditioners. In 2015 a Melbourne University study found that rising gas prices have caused reverse cycle heating to be a cheaper heating solution than gas for the first time. Making the switch from gas heating to reverse cycle air conditioning can lead to an overall drop in […]

Emerging Preventative Maintenance Trends

Surrey Air made it to Jeff’s Shed for the annual ARBS conference last week. ARBS is the largest international trade exhibition of its type, and showcases the latest developments in heating, cooling, ventilation and building services technology. We are very excited about the continued focus on energy efficiency and new technologies in the HVAC industry. […]

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Is your heater safe?

Many people are unaware that carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless, toxic gas that can spill from faulty gas heaters and cause chronic illness or, in some cases, death. Carbon monoxide is a gas produced by common household appliances. Any appliances that use gas, oil, kerosene, or wood can produce carbon monoxide. When not properly […]

How compliant is your commercial building HVAC Essential Services?

When a building lapses in annual HVAC compliance certification, it raises insurance, OH&S and legal issues. Council fines from on-the-spot inspections can also apply. HVAC Essential Services include ventilation, heating and cooling systems, car park exhaust systems, fresh air supply, fire dampers, emergency and exit lighting and sump pumps/pits. Unfortunately, our technicians find too many […]

New Seniors card discount

Surrey Air announces new 5% Seniors card discount Surrey Air is proud to introduce a new five percent discount to anyone who holds a Seniors Card and books a preventative maintenance service by phone or online on our website. When heatwaves and cold snaps strike Melbourne they can bring 40 degree searing summer days with […]