How compliant is your commercial building HVAC Essential Services?

When a building lapses in annual HVAC compliance certification, it raises insurance, OH&S and legal issues. Council fines from on-the-spot inspections can also apply. HVAC Essential Services include ventilation, heating and cooling systems, car park exhaust systems, fresh air supply, fire dampers, emergency and exit lighting and sump pumps/pits.

Unfortunately, our technicians find too many cases of lapsed building Essential Services from uncaring, irresponsible or just plain ignorant building owners. Too often, people who work in offices, schools, aged care, warehouses, shopping centres and car parks are the ones left bearing the risk to their health and safety.

Keep your building safe and the occupants healthy
Poor HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) practices can result in fire, water damage, poor air quality, and risk of an outbreak of bacteria such as legionella. When HVAC systems are left unattended, it risks the air inside the building being more polluted than the air outside.

‘Sick Buildings Syndrome’ is a term that describes a building where occupants experience acute health linked to being in the building for a length of time. Issues include headaches, nausea, difficulty concentrating, sensitivity to odours, or eye and throat irritation. Correct HVAC Essential Services keeps your building (and the occupants) healthy and tenantable.

Check your logbooks
Sometimes we find other companies are not following the Australian Standards guidelines. If you are a building owner, property or operations manager, when was the last time you checked your Essential Services logbooks? It is your responsibility to make sure your current provider is doing the right thing for you.

Compliance Each and Every Time
Surrey Air insists on a ‘Compliance Each and Every Time’ policy for all our commercial clients. We will perform 3, 6 and 12 month preventative service contracts, depending on your needs, to keep your HVAC units functioning at peak performance.
If you want to …

  • Keep your building occupants safe, healthy and productive
  • Prevent costly HVAC breakdowns and replacement
  • Be legally compliant with insurance and Worksafe
  • Avoid council fines
  • Save on power costs by having efficient running systems… then you need an annual HVAC Essential Services protocol for your building.

Start now by booking an on-site inspection and quotation.


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