Ducted Air Conditioning vs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning vs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


A ducted air conditioning unit is an alternative to the usual split air conditioners; it is a star aircon system because it provides cooling to the entire home. It features a central unit that distributes the cool air through a series of ducts into each room of your residential or commercial space. The central unit is placed either in the basement or garage and includes three components – a condenser, compressor, and air-handling unit. If you want to save on energy expenses, ducted air conditioning units are the best choice for you to have. It features the option to place inverters with the system that save quite a bit on your energy bills. The inverter enables the aircon unit to function at the required speed and maintain consistency in temperatures.
The other option you have is ducted reverse air cycle conditioning units. These aircons are great when it comes to ensuring you experience comfort in all seasons. Reverse cycle air conditioners do a great job in summer as well as winter, saving your investment on separate units for different seasons.


We all are aware of the Australian climate. While some days can be extremely hot, others can be freezing cold. Therefore, there must be an air conditioning unit at home that can provide total home comfort without spending extra on separate ones. In such a case, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is a one-of-its-kind invention because it features both cooling and heating.
Moreover, unlike a typical split aircon, reverse cycle units are ideal picks when you are looking for something for the entire home. A wiser decision is to choose a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit for it is capable of conditioning multiple rooms at once. The unit boasts two systems – an interior ducted mounted on a ceiling and an outdoor compressor placed outside the residence. Another cool feature is zone-specific air conditioning. Zone control enables its users to specify different areas within their residence for airflow. The benefit of the feature is that it allows you to limit cooling to the room in use, and in this way, you save from unnecessary energy being utilized.
As smart as the invention is, you must be wondering how ducted reverse cycle air conditioning works? It is simple. If it is on cooling mode, it functions exactly like a typical aircon. However, when you want to use it as a heater, two things occur – the outdoor unit converts into the evaporator and lets out cold air while the indoor unit turns into a condenser, distributing heat into the house. In a nutshell, the refrigeration cycle is reversed, resulting in the efficient distribution of hot and cool air.


As Australian summer is strengthening its grip, we all know how harsh it is going to get. While buying a ducted air conditioner tops your list, it is still a dilemma whether it is worth your investment. There are many reasons why you should install a ducted unit.
Firstly, the best ducted air conditioning seems like an expensive option; however, it is cheaper than you think. In split systems, you will have to pay a lot more installation and servicing costs if you decide to have a separate split system for each room. Plus, the larger the number of air conditioners in your house, the higher the costs you will have to bear. In such a case, ducted air conditioners are the best option. Though, initially, the outlay is expensive, it will be cheaper in the longer run. The unit has a zone air conditioning feature, which allows you to switch it off when it is not in use. 
Secondly, a ducted air conditioning unit offers multiple benefits. Many brands are offering ducted air conditioning in Melbourne, and a majority of them boasts timer settings to pre-set your aircon unit. Moreover, some of the best ducted air conditioning brands also offer automated units featuring Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can operate it via a smartphone or any other device.
Lastly, if you want your home to reflect your personality and style sense, you must opt for a ducted air conditioning unit. You will have more freedom to celebrate your aesthetics, specifically when the unit allows you to have more space and is comparatively less visible. Generally, the main unit is placed outside the house, and the cool air is distributed into the rooms through vents via a series of ducts. Since only a small part is visible, you are able to design your room without any bulky inner mounted on the wall.


If you have just bought a ducted air conditioning unit or are replacing the old split for total home comfort, Surrey Air is here to your rescue. We are considered the best ducted air conditioning service because we elevate the benefits of your aircon system. Whether you are looking for installation services or maintenance and servicing, the Surrey Air team has the hands-on experience to provide 360-degree services for ducted air conditioning in Melbourne.
The unique proposition that makes us the best ducted air conditioning service is our talented team of technicians. All HVAC engineers at Surrey Air are certified and trained to handle each of your tasks professionally. They take rigorous training sessions to upskill and conform to the best industry practices. As a result, they provide the best ducted air conditioning solutions that are guaranteed to increase the longevity of your unit.


In case of a faulty air conditioner, all you have to do is reach out to a reliable service for ducted air conditioning in Melbourne. For more than 35 years, Surrey Air has been providing top-class heating and cooling solutions to customers in Melbourne. Our responsive service and friendly technicians reflect our core values; hence, we are considered the top services for ducted air conditioning in Melbourne. Our experts are well-equipped to handle minor as well as major breakdowns at cost-effective rates.


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