Surrey Air made it to Jeff’s Shed for the annual ARBS conference last week.

ARBS is the largest international trade exhibition of its type, and showcases the latest developments in heating, cooling, ventilation and building services technology.

We are very excited about the continued focus on energy efficiency and new technologies in the HVAC industry. Surrey Air is committed to embracing new technologies and ensuring our technicians are across the latest efficiency in preventative maintenance, servicing and installation.

Trends in HVAC include:

Surrey proudly supplies and recommends these leading Australian suppliers:

How Preventative Maintenance provides you with essential climate care

Our preventative maintenance contacts are designed to give you peace of mind that your HVAC equipment is compliant for the safety of your people and your building. Your system will operate at peak efficiently, reducing your running costs and minimising the risk of breakdown.

You can relax, knowing that Surrey will arrive as scheduled, perform all the required checks, then complete your compliance logs and documentation. If local council drops by to do an audit inspection, you will avoid fines by having correctly completed servicing logs. In return your units will continue to deliver you comfortable air at the perfect climate you deserve.

Talk to Surrey Air about your Essential Climate Care performance and compliance today.