Energy efficient heating is the new standard for Australian homes

Did you know the average Victorian household spends more than $2,500 a year on energy bills? A whopping 32% of this in on heating! So it makes sense to seek out and implement smart choices when heating your home, including energy efficient heating.

Sustainability Victoria has released a new Winter Tips page on their website, educating Victorians on how to save money on heating bills. This is part of the Smarter Choice Retail Program.

The Winter energy saving tips from Sustainability Victoria covers these three main areas:

  • Plug the gaps – in walls, skirtings, chimneys, outlets, doors and windows
  • Cover the windows – with energy efficient glazing, appropriate window frames, and inside curtains
  • Set your thermostat – Every degree above 20 Celsius adds 10% to your heating bill!

There is also a handy Running Costs Calculator so you can find out the running costs of your appliances.

This PDF also list running costs for various heater types:


What is energy efficient heating?

Basically it is heating that is efficient, appropriate for the space and needs, supported by a home that is well insulated and set-up to keep the heat in!

With very Energy Star saving around 10% on the running costs of gas heaters, it is important to choose heating units wisely and then be sharp minded about how they are used.

Sustainability Victoria recommends these ten ways to reduce your heating costs

  1. Set thermostats between 18-20°C
  2. Avoid using heaters overnight and when not at home during the day
  3. Select a heating unit with a timer or purchase one, to ensure the unit gets shut down at low need times
  4. Zone your home by closing doors and if possible close off vents in less used areas
  5. Read your system instructions manual to ensure you are using it to the best ability
  6. Keep vents clear of curtains and furniture to maintain airflow and clean filters regularly
  7. Use a reversible ceiling fan to push heat back down in high ceiling areas
  8. Close curtains and blinds to keep the cold out and heat in
  9. Keep ducts well insulated
  10. Ensure your heating system in regularly serviced and maintained

When you choose an energy efficient heating system like a split system or ducted heating from Daikin and Brivis, you make the right choice for your home and your heating bills. Talk to Surrey about energy efficient heating for your home.

You can also read more energy efficient heating tips and watch videos here:



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