Heater Cleaning vs. Duct Cleaning


While the heat of summer fades away and the days begin to shorten thoughts turn to staying warm rather than cool. The longer, colder nights also mean your heating system is going to be playing a central role in your life. Servicing your system now is a great way to ensure you’re winter ready.

Temperature Gauge | Cleaning Ducts and Heaters

We receive a high volume of calls from people asking for their ducts to be cleaned. The truth is not a lot of heating systems require duct cleaning, here’s why.

Air Return

All ducted heating systems have a large grille mounted either in a door, cupboard, floor or the ceiling that is called the return air grille, this is where the heater draws its air from before it goes through the heater and back into the house.

Cleaning Filters for Ducts and Heaters

The return air grille in your home might look something like this.

If your return air grille has an air filter fitted and this is cleaned on a regular basis, your ducts should never need to be cleaned. That’s because the filter prevents nearly all dust particles and other impurities from entering your system.

No Filter – No Problem

If your system does not have a filter fitted, don’t panic. Surrey Air can help fit a custom made filter for your system. It doesn’t matter what the size is, we can help stop dust and other impurities entering your ducts and reduce your need for cleaning. Inquire today here.

Dust & Dirt on Hands from Cleaning Duct and Heater

Heater Units

Your heating system is just like your car, they both have moving parts within them and they both need to be serviced and cleaned on a regular basis. This can lessen the energy consumed to heat a space, improve air quality, extend the life of the appliance and make sure the heater is safe to run.

If you think your heating system could be performing better, or your system doesn’t have an air filter you should book a service with us today.