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How HVAC System Maintenance Helps Maximise Your Air Quality

Maintaining your heating and cooling system is important for ensuring good air quality inside your home. The first step is to identify if you’re experiencing any symptoms that are an indicator of poor air quality. Leaks inside your water works can lead to standing water underneath your home, which becomes a breeding ground for mould that can eventually ruin the air quality inside your home. 

There are little things that you can do that can help to reduce the likelihood of mildew in your home.

Mildew grows on organic substances such as wood, walls, and wallpaper, and can appear in any room of the home that does not have adequate ventilation. In Melbourne winters, running your heater at full blast without opening any windows or vents to ensure ventilation can result in mildew build up. In summer, high humidity can increase the growth of mildew rapidly, reducing air quality while creating ugly patches on your woodwork and walls. Mildew and mould develop air travelling spores that reduce your air quality and can cause particular problems for people who have asthma and other respiratory disorders. 

Following these easy steps can help to reduce the potential for mould and mildew in your home:

  • Check and fix your HVAC system leaks regularly, or hire a heating and cooling specialist in Melbourne for full cooling and heating repairs.
  • Routinely clean and dry your fabrics.
  • Reduce moisture by using fans and dehumidifiers, and opening windows.
  • Store items in well-ventilated and dry places.
  • Clean your carpet spills and rainwater seepage quickly to avoid water pooling 
  • Clean roof gutters regularly
  • Monitor humidity
  • Improve airflow around your house through ventilation


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