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How Often Should You Get A Heating and Cooling Service In Melbourne?

Many people are unsure about when they should schedule a cooling and heating repair for their home. Ideally, you should get a cooling service before summer starts so there is sufficient time to inspect your HVAC unit and complete the repairs before you need to use your Cooling system every day in the peak of summer.

The best time to get cooling repairs is usually between late winter and early spring, depending on when you turn on your cooling system. If you use it from the start of the summer, get the service before summer begins as early as possible. But if you only turn on your cooling system in the middle of summer, you can even get away with getting the service in the beginning of summer.

For the same reasons it’s important to get a heating service before winter starts or in the beginning of winter if you use the heating system later into the season. Surrey Air is one the most esteemed heating and cooling service providers in Melbourne and can offer year-round servicing for HVAC systems.

Getting your HVAC System serviced at least once a year or once every two years for newly installed systems helps prolong the life of the unit and reduce your repair costs in the long run. The frequency of service needed can change depending on the age of your system and how often you use it, but maintaining the health of your heaters and air conditioners is easy with Surrey Air.


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