Melbourne Zoo in Victoria Australia

Located within the Royal Park in Parkville, Melbourne Zoo is one of the famous sites in Melbourne, as it serves as the city’s primary zoo. Melbourne Zoo is one of the four zoos that come under Zoos Victoria, a non-profit organization striving to save wildlife and advocate for animal rights.

Each of the four zoos is a famous tourist attraction site providing immersive and one-of-a-kind experiences to global visitors.  

Melbourne Zoo houses more than 320 species from around the world. The animals are categorized into bioclimatic regions, such as Asian Rainforest, African Rainforest, and Australian Bush.

The zoo allows you to walk through lush rainforest greens and witness experiences such as the Elephant House, a listed heritage revamped for paying visitors to sleep overnight in tents. 

Zoos Victoria has an exclusive educational program for school kids known as Zoos Victoria’s Fighting Extinction Schools Program that engages students through professional development, excursions, and digital programs. 

Visitors who have membership get several benefits, such as unlimited entry to any of the four zoos, discounts at the Zoo shop, and free kids entry if adults are members.

The membership costs “$10.50 a month over 12 months.” Non-members will have to pre-book their visit online, while members can enter the zoo by scanning their cards. 

zebra-ostrich-rhino-giraffe-in melbourne zoo

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