Melbourne’s best air conditioning and heating team

10 ways Surrey Air is Melbourne’s best air conditioning and heating service team

  1. We love our work, rain, hail or shine!
    The weather never stops for a rest. So the tech team at Surrey Air wake early and are out in the field until late attending to Melbourne heating and cooling needs 311 days each year. (Only closed Sundays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.)
  1. Capacity to cope with demand
    Due to the wide ranging temperature nature of Melbourne’s weather, the Surrey tech team often perform up to 200 service calls per week for our commercial and residential customers. In a normal week we usually attend to 100 calls.
  1. Our customers are consistently (and pleasantly) surprised by our quick response times
  1. We strive to always be on time and fully prepared
    The Surrey van will be packed and ready with what we know about our customer’s requirements. On the rare occasion when there is a delay, your tech will proactively phone call (and often email), to avoid you being inconvenienced.
  1. Remarkable experience levels
    Surrey is proud to have multiple techs who are masters of the trade, with experience levels ranging between 25 -35 years in the heating and cooling industry.
  1. An outstanding range of knowledge across brands and models
    Our team operates in unison to share knowledge. We conduct weekly in-house team training workshops to share internal knowledge and experiences. As a customer you can be confident that the team is up to date with the latest technology and fully conversant with all the systems of yester-year.
  1. High quality communication
    Surrey techs will communicate clearly and discuss repair or replace options with you. We know that by giving you thorough information you will make an informed decision and be a completely satisfied customer for years to come.
  1. Mutual respect
    If return visits are required they are always re-booked at mutually convenient days and times. Our techs have families too and they understand the rigors of organising visits around work and family commitments.
  1. Stress management experts (well, we try)
    Surrey techs are friendly and approachable. We understand you might be stressed, so we like to enjoy some humour to break the ice, whilst getting on with the job. You can relax knowing we will attend to your requirements without any fuss or time wastage. We even take away your old units for recycling and leave the site tidy.
  2. Flexible hours
    Surrey techs will work alongside your schedule to gaining access to your work or home site. We can be on site from 7am and when demand requires, we will work past 6pm. Your heating and cooling is essential to your wellbeing and we will do what it takes to keep you happy, healthy and productive.

See for yourself – get Melbourne’s best air conditioning and heating experts to handle your service needs. Simply call Surrey Air today.


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