Happy Birthday to Us!

We’ve been understanding Melbourne’s seasons since 1981.

35 years ago, Surrey Air was born in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Surrey Hills.

As a birthday treat, to celebrate this significant occasion, we decided that it was time to have a fresh spring makeover.

We wanted our look to reflect Surrey Air’s commitment to caring for your perfect indoor climate, (no matter what weather Melbourne decides to deliver up each day)…

• With reliable, friendly and professional specialists who are responsive to your unique heating and cooling needs.

• As Melbourne’s best air servicing team, with quick response times, high-quality communication, mutual respect and exceptional industry experience across all brands and models.

• By choosing the best climate care products available for efficiency, performance and ease of use. Products such as Daikin, Brivis, Carrier and Temperzone.

And we wanted our new look to be both Warm and Cosy, Cool and Calming, because that is what understanding Melbourne’s seasons is all about. (What do you think – how did we do? To see our old logo click here.)

A lot of good happens in 35 years, here’s 5 highlights

Thank You for being the best part of the last 35 years.

We love our work, rain or shine, and we are committed to delivering you the same reliable, friendly and professional Surrey service for many more years ahead.

Thanks to the creative minds at Ivory Design and Fine Lines Strategy for all the guidance and expertise.