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Prevent Costly Repairs with these HVAC Maintenance Tips

Prevent Costly Repairs with these HVAC Maintenance Tips

You can get professional advice about your HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) from any Heating and Cooling Specialist in Melbourne, or even schedule regular cooling and heating repairs if you find any problems with your system. But if you want to prevent costly repairs before they’re needed, here are some tips and tricks from Surrey Air:

Change the Air Filters:

Regularly cleaning your air filters and changing them when needed increases the efficiency and performance of your HVAC System.

Schedule Maintenance Before Use:

It’s essential to get a maintenance service for your heaters every Autumn, and air conditioners every Spring, so that if there is any debris and dust in the system, or any other problem that impacts how the system functions can be solved as quickly as possible. By scheduling maintenance during the off-season, you can avoid complications and long wait times for a repair during peak times in Winter and Summer. 

Clean Outside Components and its Surroundings:

Most people forget about the HVAC system’s outside components, which need regular maintenance just as much. Avoid placing the outside component of the system anywhere near metals or grass and install at least 1 foot away from any walls. Additionally, scheduling an annual maintenance for your system is important to prevent dirt and debris build up.

Beware of Sounds & Smells:

Be careful to pay attention to any rattling or other unusual sounds & scents coming from your HVAC system, as this can mean there might be a fault. By taking action to repair the system early if it doesn’t seem to be working right can help solve the problem before it gets worse. 

Clean the Air Vents:

Dust and debris can build up inside air vents which can lead to problems with airflow. Each month, use a vacuum to carefully clean the dirt particles from inside the system so that you can prevent any problems in the future.  

Frequent maintenance is an essential component of the services we offer at Surrey Air, so we can make sure that your heating and cooling systems are always working at their best. It is always better, easier, and often more cost effective to find and prevent a problem rather than solve it. 


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