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R22 HCFC – Air Conditioning Refrigerant Update

When should I replace my R22 system?

We are getting this question more often as Australia moves towards the phase out of HCFC air conditioning refrigerants.

Surrey Air has been advising on the use of out-dated air conditioning refrigerants for many years.  The ‘Surrey Air Replace or Repair Policy’, is to always replace badly damaged systems that use ozone-depleting HCFC refrigerants such as R22 and R134a. However, if a system is still in good working order, then we will implement a preventative maintenance schedule for it.

The Australian Refrigeration Council advises, ‘If R22 systems are in good working order, there is no need to transition to an alternative refrigerant/system. Regular servicing to minimise leakages is important.’

To fulfil the aims of the Montreal Protocol, Australia committed to a total phase-out of R22, a gas commonly used in residential heat pumps since the 1990s. Import of HCFCs is being phased out with restrictions placed on the amount that can be imported each year from now until 2030. There will be no new imports of R22 into Australia from 2030 and the maintenance of R22 based systems will be with recycled or reclaimed refrigerant.

Surrey Air is following the interesting developments in new types of refrigerant gases. Currently, there are four gases used in the air conditioning market – R22, R407C (an R22 blend), R410A and most recently R32, which was introduced to Australia in 2014.

Let us advise on your best long term strategy for the continued use, and optimal performance of your heating/cooling investment. Our techs can assist you to plan for the eventual replacement of your R22 air conditioning refrigerant system (or any older system), to avoid the unnecessary stress and cost of an emergency breakdown. Book a service call today.

Source – Arctick Coolchange Newsletter Issue 36 April 2015.


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