Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Melbourne Australia

The Australian climate can be harsh and hard to predict, specifically in Melbourne. This constantly varying climate and temperatures make it difficult for Melbourne residents to adjust to extreme changes in the environment. That is why air conditioners are no longer considered a luxury; they have become a necessity. However, choosing the right air conditioner that fits your needs can be a little overwhelming. Though there are many options on the market, you must choose one that is the most efficient for your space, caters to your heating or cooling need and is the most energy and cost efficient for your investment.  

A reverse cycle air conditioner is the perfect option to go for. Not only are they energy efficient, but also “reverse” their functions to provide total home or office comfort for Melbourne summer and winter. The best reverse cycle air conditioner can efficiently distribute cool air in summer and hot air in winter, serving as an all-rounder. 

How do Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners work? 

The reverse cycle aircon unit features duo functionality. Unlike typical portable heaters, a reverse cycle air conditioner works in an entirely different manner. While portable heaters create heat, a reverse cycle aircon pumps it. The unit absorbs hot air from the outside and distributes it indoors. Technically speaking, when the unit is blowing hot air into the rooms, the liquid refrigerant passes through a coil and absorbs heat from the outdoor air. The refrigerant is then compressed down from the chambers of a compressor into a condenser, and during the compression, the refrigerant warms up.  

The best reverse cycle air conditioning units have a defrost cycle for efficient cooling functionality. With its reverse cycle feature, the system absorbs heat from your room and blows it outdoors so that your home can stay cool. The new reverse cycle air conditioning units in Melbourne feature cutting-edge technology that enables the system to provide efficient cooling even when the temperature rises above 40 degrees.  

Why should I buy a reverse cycle air conditioner? 

It is an all-rounder 

Who doesn’t like to save money and have all year round comfort? For unpredictable weather, the best way to prepare yourself is to have reverse cycle air conditioning in Melbourne. The system provides cooling in summer and heating in winter, providing total home comfort from a single unit.  

It is cost-efficient 

Though buying the best reverse cycle air conditioning unit can be initially expensive, it will save costs in the longer run. If you decide to have a split air conditioning system, you will have to invest in a separate unit for each room; whereas, a reverse cycle unit will provide a total home air conditioning solution. Moreover, the more splits you have, the higher the installation, maintenance and repair costs will be. Hence, it is wise to have a one-time investment in the best reverse cycle air conditioning unit and save in the long run.  

It is energy-efficient 

Energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint is becoming extremely important, and a reverse cycle inverter unit is highly efficient. According to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, Australia, reverse cycle inverter aircon units provide 300-600% efficiency. It indicates that the system takes a unit of electrical energy and converts it into six times air conditioning. If the weather is mild, some air conditioners on the market can be 1000% efficient. Inverter technology supports energy efficiency.   

It has cutting-edge features 

Some of the best reverse cycle air conditioning units feature inverter technology, which helps to adapt and maintain the desired temperature faster. Moreover, it also features zone air conditioning that allows users to control the temperature in different zones as per their preference. If a room is not in use, you can simply turn that zone off to prevent unnecessary electricity consumption.  

It is also an air purifier 

The modern reverse cycle air conditioners purify the air as well. The system has filters with self-cleaning features. As a result, impure air with dust and bacteria is blown out, while clean and filtered air is distributed into the house.  

Conclusively, considering all the advantages, it can be said that having reverse cycle air conditioning in Melbourne is a perfect choice. It is a smart innovation that is expensive but cost-effective in future. What else do we want when a single system has everything one needs to beat the Australian climate? 

Surrey Air – Providing the best service for reverse cycle air conditioning in Melbourne 

If you have a reverse cycle air conditioner, you will know that it requires annual servicing for efficient functioning. This is because your reverse cycle system works all year round; hence, dirt buildup is evident. Moreover, with time, extreme weather conditions degrade the system. To enhance the unit’s performance and increase its longevity, it is important to seek professional assistance and have it serviced.   

For more than 35 years, Surrey Air has been providing heating and cooling solutions. We provide premium and trusted service for reverse cycle air conditioning in Melbourne. Whether it is a faulty component, removal of dirt build-up or enhancement of the overall performance, our technicians look for the potential root cause of the problem to prevent further breakdown when you need the unit to be functioning the most. Our reverse cycle air conditioning service in Melbourne caters to minor as well comprehensive issues on-site. 

Our team of certified HVAC technicians with years of industry experience. Moreover, our technicians go through frequent training sessions to meet quality and industry standards. As a result, they are well-updated and equipped with the latest techniques to provide services, complying with the industry’s best practices.  


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