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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Melbourne Australia

Nestled into the very heart of Victoria in the South of Australia, Melbourne is known for its fickle weather. The unpredictable weather of Melbourne makes it tough for people to cope with the frequent changes in the atmosphere. From the scorching hot days to the freezing mornings, the intense weather is very influential on Melbournians daily lives.

The seasonal activities never stop in the cultural core of Australia, despite the weather. However, people rely heavily on trusted heating and cooling services in Melbourne to stay cozy in the winters and cool in the summers. Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning provides ease in the matter with a solution for any conditions.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning & Heating

The dual functionality of cooling and heating gives this system the name Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning. The purpose-built systems are designed to cool the surroundings in summers and heat the same surroundings in winter. Quite an advantage when it comes to the ever-changing heating and cooling needs of Melbourne homes and businesses. 

Keeping rooms warm in winter through the heating function of the reverse cycle air conditioning system is just as simple as any other system, but more efficient. The system absorbs the air from outside and heats it to the set temperature before distributing the warm air throughout the space, while also purifying it from contaminants and odours. Reverse cycle air conditioners serve two purposes; to cool and protect.

Further to that, the system keeps rooms cold in summer, with a conventional air conditioner cooling process. The system absorbs the hot air inside and removes it from the building to release outside, a super-efficient way of cooling any room or multiple rooms with just a flick of a switch.

Efficient & Purifying

As an added bonus for users, reverse cycle systems work not only to provide heating and cooling to indoor environments but purify and dehumidify the air as well. The system is extremely efficient and can help reduce the cost of utility bills as it is cheaper to run than conventional heating and cooling services.


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