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Save money on heating with reverse cycle air conditioners.

Save money on heating with reverse cycle air conditioners.

In 2015 a Melbourne University study found that rising gas prices have caused reverse cycle heating to be a cheaper heating solution than gas for the first time.

Making the switch from gas heating to reverse cycle air conditioning can lead to an overall drop in your heating bill. With heating accounting for 32% of an average Victorian household budget and 69% of your gas bill, this is big news for Melbourne.

When you think about it, us Southerners usually start using our heating at nights in April, run it day and night through May-August and then at nights again sometimes right through to December. That’s nine months out of twelve, making any savings a big deal.

Many Melbournians are now opting to replace their aged ducted heating units or other gas heaters with reverse cycle split systems. New home builders aware of rising gas prices are also following this trend toward energy-efficiency.

Energy efficient heating is defined as being appropriate for your space and needs, supported by good insulation and window coverings to keep in the heat. Units that receive regular servicing also run more efficiently. Annual maintenance extends the life of your system and leads to overall household savings.

A Daikin split system can save you up to 27%, or almost one-third of your heating running costs. Having a split system in each room allows for better overall zoning and thermostat control. Plus, Daikin’s advanced technology includes an auto shut-off airflow sensor, flexible draft-free louvre adjustment, power mode for fast heating, and smartphone control, so you turn it on during your homebound commute.

If you prefer the fast, constant, natural gas heat and minimalist look of ducted heating, then Brivis have a range of 6, 5 and 4-star energy friendly systems to suit your home. Modern thermostat technology allows for smart zoning and programmable timer setting.

Surrey Air technicians are your essential climate care experts. We will assess your home, your budget, and your lifestyle needs to suggest the best options to keep you cosy and save your money.



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‘Switching off Gas’ 2015 report by Melbourne University, Melbourne Energy Institute



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