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3 Spring cleaning tips to keep your air flowing

Does dust and pollen make you sneeze and itch?

As spring approaches it may be necessary for you to service and clean your air conditioning system to make sure it keeps you cool in the hot weather instead of sniffy.

However, it’s not just allergy sufferers that need to pay annual attention to their cooling and heating. A properly functioning air conditioning and heating unit will save you running costs and prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

Please use Surrey Air’s 3 point ‘do it yourself’ spring cleaning tips to keep your units running in any weather:

1. Inspect the motor – Take a look inside your air conditioners motor – if you see a build up of dust and dirt then your unit is well overdue for a service. Check for any cracks or other damage that may have occurred unnoticed during winter.

2. Test your air-con now! We recommend you start up your air conditioner once a month through the cool months and your heater once a month through the warmer months so that the seals stay strong and your unit keeps in top shape. Listen for any rattles, tapping or grinding noises, these are signs that airflow is obstructed and you will need a technician to take a look.

3. Wash away grime – Clean and weed around the outdoor compressor unit to ensure good airflow. Wash off the dust and dirt. Clean the return air grille filter with warm soapy water or vacuum, but keep it out of the hot sun while it dries to prevent warping and cracking.

If you decide that your unit needs a spring cleaning service then a Surrey Air technician will clean, repair and rejuvenate your system and rid it of unnecessary grime and dust that may be causing you and your staff to sneeze, cough and splutter your way through Spring.

Or take an extra step and invest in a Daikin air purifier. An air purifier works to cleanse the air around you by removing pollens, mites and other bacteria that pollute the air we breathe.

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