Surrey welcomes new Arctick license standard

Welcome announcement from VBA

The Victorian Building Authority announced in it’s August eBulletin that NOLS (National Occupational Licensing Authority) has released Decision Regulation Impact Statements (RISs) for the Plumbing & Gasfitting and Refrigeration & Air Conditioning occupations.

The RISs outline the preferred approach to national licensing and follows the guidelines of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in the Best practice regulation guide (2007). It has been approved for release by the Office of Best Practice Regulation. The Government will make final decision on NOLS later in 2013.

Better heating and cooling services for consumers …

Says Jason Schultz from Surrey Air, “To finally see our industry forging its own identity with appropriate national licensing is very encouraging. This will give our niche HVAC industry momentum to increase standards and deliver strong services via a uniform national approach. Strong national standards will ultimately benefit the HVAC consumer market in Australia.”

The industry tick of approval

Under the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning RIS, the main standard will be the Commonwealth Arctick licence number. Surrey Air’s Arctick licence number is AU 12201.

The Arctick licence requires that any person working with ozone-depleting refrigerants and undertaking work to install, service or repair an air conditioner, or any other refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, must be a licensed individual under the relevant Commonwealth regulations.

Montreal Protocol still a priority

This will also continue to ensure tha the government meets its international obligations under the Montreal Protocol to phase out ozone-depleting gases. (Please read out news item on Complete HCHC Refrigerant Phase Out by 2016.)

Surrey Air is your heating and cooling expert with over 60 years of industry experience

Surrey Air follows strict procedures and processes to ensure an edge when following relevant industry compliance standards. A full list of our licences, associations and insurance details can be found on the Our Compliance page of our website.


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