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Checklist Before You Turn On Your Heat This Coming Winter

Waking up the heating system from year-long sleep and getting them back to work is more difficult than getting back to work after a long break. Similarly, switching from cooling to heating is not an easy transition for your HVAC system. 

As the weather shifts to the cold, trees have started shedding their greens to fight the cold, you must also prepare to combat winters. If not done right now, it can cost you some chilly nights, a broken heating system, loads of money and absolute discomfort. 

The first step you must take to overcome these problems and weather extremes is to keep your heating system in order. Usually, people perceive that a resting heating system must have a good relaxation period and it will work like a charm once called back to duty, but this isn’t true. 

Electrical systems gather dirt inside them, rust, corrode, and develop other damages when not working. Experts recommend getting your system checked before you turn it on at the time of need. 

Simply removing the covers or cleaning the dust won’t help. Restarting an unused system, or HVAC switching from cooling to heating is complex. You need to check it thoroughly and do all the required maintenance services because your system may show signs of malfunctioning if you forget any of them. 

It’s better to have a checklist containing all the necessary steps to bring your heater into perfect condition. Performing all the checks will ensure your system works efficiently throughout the winter. 

 To help our readers, we have compiled a checklist you must follow before you turn on your heat this coming winter. 

Let’s see the checklist.

1. Clean, Wash Or Replace The Filters

Filters are one of the most essential components of the heating system. They clean the air that circulates through the heating system and then, into the indoor spaces. Dust, dirt and debris accumulated on the filter affect the heating system, indoor air quality and occupant’s health. 

Filters are the first thing on the checklist because of their critical functionality. You must clean and wash the filters to remove dust, dirt and debris or replace them if there are any signs of physical damage. Maintaining filters is crucial for the performance efficiency and life of the heating system. 

2. Check The Air Ducts And Vents

Air ducts and vents perform the function of carrying conditioned air to and from the heating system.

With time, leakage and blockade due to dirt accumulation can occur within the air ducts or any type of vents. It’s necessary to check the air ducts, and vents and keep them clear of blockages and visible dirt. 

3. Cover The Vents For Protection

Supply vents, return vents or exhaust vents, all are important to control the flow of indoor air. The conditioned air enters the indoor spaces through supply vents and is then recirculated through the return vents. Exhaust vents are used to expel contaminated or stale air from indoor spaces and are usually used in kitchens or washrooms.

Covering the vents protects the vents from, dust, debris and other challenges. In off season, when heating systems are not in use, rodents can also peep into the pipes connected to the vents to seek shelter. They nibble the ducts and cause damage to the system. Before turning on the heaters, it’s a must to check and cover the vents for maximum protection. 

4. Install Or Check And Clean Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Switching from cooling to heating involves many steps. One of them is not required for cooling, but a must to have for heating is installing an HRV or checking and cleaning the existing one.

If you have an installed HRV that wasn’t in use during the summer, it’s time to clean it thoroughly. HRV will keep the indoor air clean and comfortable, lessen energy consumption, and control moisture. HRV services include opening the system, cleaning its filters and ducts or replacing them, and cleaning the core.

5. Clear The Air Intake And Exhaust Pathways

Inspect all the air intake and exhaust pathways and make sure they are clear of any debris, dried leaves or damage. Soon, snow will fill the pathways and dirt and debris will make cleaning challenging for you. 

6. Inspect And Fix The Furnace

Furnaces are an important part of heating systems for temperature regulation and air circulation. It’s necessary to inspect the furnace filters, vents and ducts to clean them and replace the damaged components. You must also check the furnace fan belt for looseness or any signs of wear and tear. 

A repairman working inside a home, repairing a furnace to switch from cooling to heating.

7. Insulate Your Home

Proper insulation is necessary to maintain the temperature indoors. You won’t want to keep your heating system on, pile up on energy bills, and still feel cold. Insulating homes or other indoor spaces not only saves from cold, they also helps save energy and protect the system. Experts recommend installing attic insulation to maximise the insulation. 

8. Check And Recalibrate The Thermostat

Thermostats are essential to control indoor temperatures and zoning. If used efficiently they reduce energy bills and stress from the heating system. It’s necessary to check the batteries, performance and settings of the thermostat. You should recalibrate the thermostat and reset the temperature settings. 

9. Test Smoke Alarms And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are essential devices to ensure the safety of the buildings. As you’ll keep the doors and windows closed, and may light fire etc to stay warm, it’s necessary to to replace the batteries and recheck the performance of these devices to avoid accidents. 

10. Do A Practice Run

When you have checked almost all the essential parts of the heating system, and replaced or fixed the required parts, it’s time for a practice run. This test performance will give you an idea about the condition of the heating system and inform you about any underlying issue that needs consideration. 

11. Schedule A Professional Heater Maintenance Services

Book a heater maintenance service slot with an experienced and professional technician who can inspect, detect and fix the underlying issues in a heating system. The technician will make switching from cooling to heating smooth and risk-free.

Surrey Air is a professional, experienced and licensed heater maintenance service provider in Melbourne. Book your slot for heating system maintenance services for your residence or commercial settings and stay tension-free from the long checklist of to-do work. 

12. Complete The Pre-winter Checklist For Your Heater

Surrey Air has designed this pre-winter checklist with great details according to the heating system in Australian homes. It contains step-by-step servicing almost all of the essential components of heating systems. We can also offer more detailed services according to your heating system needs. Contact Surrey Air experts to discuss your requirements. 

Final Words

Switching from cooling to heating isn’t easy. You require some preparations before full-blown winter kicks in. It is necessary to use a heater to pass the season with comfort. Turning on a heating system after a year break, or overburdening your HVAC with heating after tiresome summer duty, is risky.

It can damage your heating system, cause failure or keep you uncomfortable. It’s necessary to completely check your heating system without missing anything so you don’t face any problems at all.

Surrey Air provides you with a comprehensive checklist that you must complete before you turn on your heat this coming winter. Rest, you can also call our experts to do the job for you. We offer comprehensive heating system maintenance services to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your heating system.



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Ian Mackenzie
Ian Mackenzie
service request was handled very well the technician arrived within the time frame given and was courteous and efficient and the job done within a sshort time frame
Ric Hanger
Ric Hanger
Positive inter action and courteous service from the repair person.
Markandu Sivanesan
Markandu Sivanesan
On time. Service honest. Advised suggestion. All working fine. Knowledgeable. Serviced well.friendly and helpful advice. Will call again when needed
Aynsley Mitchell
Aynsley Mitchell
I discovered my central heating had failed late Tuesday night. My dealings with Surrey Air staff on Wednesday morning were exceptionally swift, courteous and professional. They had my system back online by lunchtime! It was clear that the office staff including Claire and the field staff took responsibility for fixing my problem and communicating quickly ,and thoroughly, vital information. They provided me with the opportunity to discuss, with Jason (the boss) the potential consequent scenarios following the repair. and solutions to each. I cannot recommend this team highly enough. Professional, Practical, Available and Affordable service I need more stars to reward them all
Pam Sampson
Pam Sampson
A very professional and friendly service which quickly identified the problem with our heating system.The options to correct the problem were clearly identified and the costs made known.
Mark Willing
Mark Willing
Ducted heating service was done promptly and efficiently
Greg Lawson
Greg Lawson
Very thorough work for my service and clearly understood course of action as possible remedy for problem with my Brivis Gas Heater.
Kaylene West
Kaylene West
I would recommend the Surrey Air team. Paul was able to identify the problem with the ducted heating and arranged for the replacement of parts to be installed as soon as possible. Very happy with their work.
David Russell
David Russell
Great service and very easy to deal with

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