System floor radiant with polyethylene pipesSystem floor radiant with polyethylene pipes

The Best Hydronic Heating Services in Australia

Enjoying Melbourne winter in all its glory can come at a cost – higher electricity consumption. You can’t avoid rising electricity charges when it comes to heating your home. However, choosing the right system to reduce energy consumption can help.

We can recommend you something that is not only energy efficient but also eco-friendly – hydronic heating. Adding to the list of benefits, the heating system we are talking about is affordable, although the initial outlay can require a larger cost. 

The hydronic heating system is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne homes because it has several benefits. Though a gas-powered furnace is still one of the common heating solutions, a hydronic system has become a natural choice when people want to go for central heating. 

The reason for its popularity is natural comfort and even distribution of hot air in your rooms. A hydronic heating unit features a boiler that heats the water, which is then pushed through a series of underfloor pipes. Modern hydronic heating systems are highly energy-efficient and flexible, providing users to control of different zones in their homes. 

If you are wondering why you should go for hydronic systems, keep reading.  


Hydronic Systems are Affordable 

Opting for any other gas heating solution might initially seem affordable, specifically if you live in a large home. However, hydronic heating systems are more cost-effective in the long run for they can reduce your electricity expense by up to 35%. 

Moreover, these systems also enable users to adjust the temperature in different zones, allowing them to heat rooms that are in use only. This way, users are able to save costs and consume less energy. A hydronic heating system also comes with thermostat control to adjust the temperature as per your preferences.  

As far as efficiency goes, hydronic heating systems are unbeatable due to their condensing boiler features. Hence, unlike conventional gas-powered heaters, hydronic heaters provide more warmth without losing much energy. 

Lastly, when we say it is a long-term heater for you, we mean it; it does not require high maintenance. And if you have a preventative maintenance plan with Surrey Care, you are all set.  


Hydronic Systems Prevent Allergies 

Hydronic heating systems heat the air using the natural convection process; therefore, it does not dry out the air. Rather, it provides an even distribution of heat, so you can enjoy cozy days and evenings. 

The reason we have highlighted this point is that we receive so many requests for advice on heating solutions that do not trigger asthma. We always recommend our clients to get hydronic heating systems.  

Based on the reports published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are currently 2.7 million people suffering from asthma. If you are an asthma patient, we would suggest not immediately opting for a traditional heating system because they can trigger such health conditions by circulating air contaminants in the indoor environment. 

Gas heaters can also release water vapors into the air, causing the growth of mold. Hence, hydronic heating systems can solve all of these problems as they do not have any vents or ducts which can allow the circulation of dust particles and allergens into your indoor environment. 

If you are highly susceptible to allergens and pollens, the best hydronic heating services in Australia will always recommend you install a hydronic heating system. Not to mention, they are also convenient to maintain and clean.  


Surrey Air – Providing The Best Hydronic Heating Services in Australia 

If you still do not have a reliable HVAC partner that is an expert in providing the best hydronic heating services in Australia, consider Surrey Air because we provide reliable heating services in Melbourne.

For more than 35 years, our expert engineers have set the benchmark for top-quality workmanship. Whether you need repair, maintenance, or regular hydronic heating services in Melbourne, our qualified technicians are always well-equipped to fix minor to comprehensive issues, guaranteeing a longer lifespan of your system. 

Also, if you worry about your hydronic system breaking down in the middle of a cold night, remember that we are not average HVAC engineers. Besides providing hydronic heating services in Melbourne, we also provide genuine advice so that you can go to the market with sound knowledge before purchasing.  

Looking for hydronic heating services in Melbourne, call us.


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