The maintenance and care of your commercial air conditioning systems is paramount to running an efficient business. Despite the dangers that can arise from faulty systems, there are the health concerns that can arise from unclean ducts, and the energy costs incurred from running struggling units.

When your air conditioning unit or system is struggling, its individual components experience more wear, which means your unit won’t last as long as it should. HVACs are complex systems with many components, particularly in larger buildings, so when things go wrong repairs or replacements can prove costly. It’s always best to have your system regularly checked to prevent problems before they become too expensive to remedy. Investing in the efficiency now will increase its lifespan and actually save you money on the running costs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Energy Consumption

Energy costs are a big financial drain to any business, so it makes sense to ensure you’re not paying more than you should. Heating ventilation and air conditioning factor as one of the largest energy consumers of energy in a commercial building.In fact, they amount to around 40% of energy consumption. In fact, they amount to around 40% of energy consumption. To put it into perspective, your lighting and equipment consume around 47% combined, so it’s clear that HVAC operation costs are quite substantive. To lower the costs and improve your business’s overheads, having your air conditioning system regularly checked for inefficiencies is one of the smartest business choices you can make.

Studies have shown that controlled temperatures increase the comfort of your employees and customers. If you’re managing an office, you know that a happy worker is an efficient worker, and if your visiting clients are feeling too cold or stifled by the heat while they’re in an important meeting, their attention and overall mood is going to be negatively affected. Ensuring the ambient air of your workplace is kept at an ideal temperature will pay off in ways that are more important than monetary.

Air conditioning systems and vents can also easily become traps for dust, bacteria, pollen and more, which can easily be circulated throughout your building, causing asthma attacks, sinus irritations, itchy eyes, throat, and skin, etc. These health risks can easily be avoided through the regular cleaning of your vents, filters and coils. Ensuring the high air quality of your office or business will lead to less absenteeism, more effective staff, happier customers and clients, and ensure you’re meeting health and safety regulations.

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