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The Surrey Air Guide to Repair vs Replace

Air conditioning has become such a major part of our home and work that when systems break down we want them to be fixed immediately. Sometimes you need to make a serious decision about whether to replace your equipment or repair, especially when older equipment is involved.

Every scenario is different. Often, the first instinct is to call for a quick repair job. But is this the right decision? Repairs on an existing unit may be the least expensive short-term option. However installing a new, energy efficient system may be a better long-term option, both in terms of performance and operational cost. (New units are about 10% more efficient than older style units.)Deciding whether to repair or replace requires balancing a range of factors, of which upfront cost may not be the most important.

So how do you decide? Use these seven important factors to assist you…

  • Limited availability of replacement parts for older models
  • Age of the equipment and its life expectancy
  • Condition of the equipment
  • How long will the air conditioner be down while awaiting repair?
  • Labour resources
  • Energy efficiency
  • Available Budget

Your Surrey Air technician is trained to assist you in making the best decision for your situation.

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