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It’s Time to Turn up the Heat

It’s starting to reach that dreaded time of the year again. That’s right—when you need at least eight layers on to maintain any semblance of warmth; when you need a bucket of warm water ready in the morning to pour over your windscreen; and also when your coffee needs to be extra extra extra hot.

Yes, the temperature is really starting to dip—and officially Winter is only a few weeks away.

And with reports about sudden cold snaps bringing an end to an unseasonably warm Autumn, not to mention one about snow already falling in some parts of Victoria, it’s definitely well and truly time to start thinking about your heating options.

Of course you’ve got your traditional and cosy options like a roaring fireplace—but that comes with a lot of hard work and isn’t great for the environment if you’re using it regularly. Then there are your little portable electric heaters, which are convenient but will eat through a lot of your money when your electricity bill arrives.

Without a doubt, the most efficient and convenient heating option you can utilise is a ducted heating system.

Ducted heating works exactly as the name suggests. Hot air is passed through your home via a series of ducts in the roof or floor. It is all controlled from a centralised unit, and individual rooms can be left either exposed or not to the heating, depending on requirements.

It is an extremely easy system to use, and is bound to be more generous on your hip pocket—not to mention better for the environment—than plenty of alternatives.

At Surrey Air, we’re experts at implementing a ducted heating system into your home. We’re also specialists in servicing your existing ducted system. You might have one that just needs some minor improvements, or perhaps you have an old gas system that can be updated to a more energy-efficient model—and this is where you will really see the savings.

So, If you’re considering implementing a ducted heating system in your home, then we can’t recommend it highly enough, and if you have an existing system, it’s also time to get it serviced and ensure it’s working to its full potential.

Call us today or book an appointment online and we can help you with all your winter heating needs.


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