What do Asthma, Thunderstorms and Air Conditioning have in common?


The tragic occurrence of Thunderstorm Asthma on 21 November was a shock for Melbourne. Adults who hadn’t had an asthma incident since childhood were affected, as well as children who had never shown symptoms before. Here’s how it happened:Thunderstorm asthma

  1. Rye grass fields bordering Melbourne flourished during a wet spring.
  2. The hot northwest winds on 21 November caused an extreme pollen count day.
  3. When the storm formed at 6 pm, it soaked these airborne grains, causing them to expand and burst into thousands of tiny allergen particles.
  4. These tiny particles were carried to the ground and able to pass through nasal passages into lungs, triggering the emergency asthma situation that evening which resulted in unfortunate deaths.

Airborne particles fill your heating and cooling systems

The rooftop units and outdoor heat-pumps of your heating and cooling systems are at risk from small airborne pollen particles. Evaporative cooler pads are particularly prone to pollen blockage. The BOM is predicting more winds and heatwaves for December and January, so you need to be on top of your unit servicing before you are faced with an inconvenient and costly emergency breakdown situation.

With one in ten Australians having asthma, it is important to protect your family and friends with low allergen air system solutions. If you have people with breathing problems who live or visit your home, or use your workplace, then regular servicing of your units is essential.

A Surrey Air service will safely clean your units and evaporative cooler pads of pollen and allergen build up.

asthma sensitive choiceWhy Surrey chooses Daikin for Asthma sensitivity

Daikin is the only air conditioner brand to be recognised by the National Asthma Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program. The US7 2.5kW model is the first and only split system with a 7-star ‘Super Efficiency’ rating.


5 signs that it is time to replace your system now

  1. Excessive noise
  2. Risk of costly repairs (due to age of unit)
  3. Unusually high energy costs
  4. Uneven heating and cooling
  5. Using old refrigerants such as R22

‘Hi Jason and Kris, thanks for the recent replacement you did for us in October. We are very impressed with our new slimline Daikin Inverter air conditioners. They are super quiet and efficient at keeping our areas warm or cool, which means we can have them on the lower fan for an even better result than before. Our old systems would keep us awake they were so noisy and were costing us a fortune in running costs. We are looking forward to seeing the savings over summer.’
Harry Baruhas, Aspendale Gardens

Summer 2016/17 Daikin replacement special

A new energy efficient system can save you up to 25% on heating costs and 46% on cooling costs. With energy prices on the rise, those are decent savings that will pay for your upgrade in just a few years.

Daikin is offering competitive pricing this summer on any heating and cooling unit replacements. Look out for the TV campaign beginning soon. (You can get ahead of the rush by booking in a quote today.)

Ask Surrey Air for a replacement quote today, before the January heat arrives.


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