What is an Indian summer?


Summer is the new autumn!

Indian summer that is! The BOM has confirmed that the 2016.17 summer recorded above average temperatures even though February 2017 was officially Melbourne’s coldest since 2005. That year was also the last time we saw a summer without a 40-degree day.

Even though the temperature didn’t make the 40s this summer, it was a hot one overall, just without the usual extremes that leave us all breathless and exhausted. Except for Dec 28 – the second hottest night on record, when it in was still 27.4C at 12.30am!

BOM forecast for an Indian summer

The good news for Melbourne summer lovers is the BOM is expecting an Indian Summer to continue into March, giving us more of these sunny 30C days well into Autumn.

What is an Indian summer?

The origins of the term Indian summer are thought to be from the American east coast where warm weather in autumn is common. Some credit it to the Native Americans, known in the past as ‘American Indians’, who would use these calm, warm spells to hunt and forage in preparation for winter, and perhaps were seen to be more active than in the normal summer months. In 1778 a French-American writer living in east coast American wrote about an interval of calm and warmth with a tranquil atmosphere as being called the Indian Summer.

The term made it to European shores and the UK in the early 1900s. The UK Meteorology Glossary published in 1916, describes an Indian summer as ‘a warm, calm spell of weather occurring in autumn.’

The term is now widely used in Australia. In May 2014, a Melbourne Indian Summer saw ten consecutive days of above 20C in May. This had previously occurred in May 1971. The warmest May ever was in 1958. March 2016 was also a warmer than average month.

Remember to be energy efficient

So Melbourne, enjoy the calm and warm conditions while they last and remember to water your gardens wisely. Keep your air conditioners in good working order to save you running and breakdown costs, because we are going to need them for a while longer.

Sustainability Victoria has many energy efficient cooling tips on their website – click the link below to read more.


Be a cool customer

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