Why Heater Maintenance and Air Conditioning Service saves lives 

Air conditioners and heaters run at higher temperatures to provide us with the ultimate comfort in extreme weather conditions. However, just like every machine, you need regular preventive maintenance to keep them up and running. However, neglecting regular air conditioning service and heater maintenance may cause more damage than you’d expect. As we know that HVAC units, such as air conditioners and heaters, function at higher temperatures, but the buildup of cobwebs on circuits, debris, dust on fans and heat ducts, clogged drainpipes and grass-filled heat pumps can cause the units to consume more energy and overheat. As a result, the unit either completely stops working or leads to greater damage. Customers usually do not realize that neglecting these issues make them a step closer to something fatal, like fire and air poisoning. More than half of calls Surrey Air receive are related to malfunctioning HVAC units due to lack of maintenance.  

Below are some of the issues that require attention to prevent fire and save lives, and these are identified when you sign up for a regular heater and air conditioner maintenance. Let’s go through some of them so that you can avoid future trouble. 

Gas Connection  

While low pressure of gas leads to condensation in the unit’s heat exchanger, high pressure overheats it, causing greater damage and fire hazards. If your unit has a poor gas fitting, be mindful because leakage is inevitable. Not only does a gas leakage degrade the air quality, but it also poses a furnace danger. That is why call your HVAC service right now to get your unit’s gas pressure and connection checked to avoid any further damage.  

Electric Connections 

One of the leading problems that leads to fire hazards in your HVAC unit is loose electric connections. With time, these connections become old; hence, they loosen. It, therefore, exerts more power from the furnace which causes burnt wiring. If you notice any unusual or burning-like smell from the furnace, call your heater and air conditioner service partner right away.  

Overheating of Motor  

If you have an air conditioner with an overheated motor, you should know that it is a potential fire hazard. There could be three factors that can cause your motor to overheat. The first is dirt buildup, which can cover your system’s motor and act as insulation. It, as a result, causes the system to heat up and cause a potential fire hazard. The second factor is lubrication issues that can make the bearing dry, causing them to catch fire. Lastly, ups and downs in voltage can also overheat the motor in your air conditioner.  

Fuel Leakage 

If you keep on neglecting proper air conditioner maintenance and service, you would never be able to detect a leakage line, which is undoubtedly one of the leading causes of fire. Leakage means that fuel can meet heated parts of your HVAC system – a highly flammable combination. If you notice or smell anything like gas or chemical, call your HVAC service right away before it gets too late. 


Every homeowner with an air conditioner must keep an eye on carbon monoxide safety. One of the most dangerous characteristics is that carbon monoxide gas is highly lethal because it is toxic, odorless and colorless; therefore, it is impossible to detect it without a monitor. The exposure of humans to carbon monoxide for a longer period can be fatal. 

The common causes of carbon monoxide leaks from your HVAC system include cracked and clogged furnaces. An air conditioner does not emit carbon monoxide itself. However, the presence of a gas furnace in your air conditioning unit can. Just like other parts within your system, a furnace is also subjected to wear and tear with time, which may, consequently, cause holes or cracks to appear. Carbon monoxide escapes from these holes and disperses into the room, putting lives in extreme danger. 

None of this would happen if you schedule frequent air conditioning maintenance services by a reliable service partner such as Surrey Air. 


Now that you know what neglecting HVAC maintenance services could do to your health, you should know that nothing can fix things when it is too late. That is why the only solution to saving lives is investing in regular maintenance checkups to detect any cracks, faulty wires, clogged furnaces or leaking pipes.  

If you are looking for a reliable heating and air conditioning maintenance partner, you should know that Surrey Air is the most trusted in Australia. Your safety is our priority; that is why we ensure to provide services to prevent any health hazard. Our capable team of technicians is well-equipped to provide preventive maintenance services for your HVAC systems so that issues that could lead to greater damage are detected and fixed proactively. 

If you sense any fault or smell oil, burning wires or gas leakage, call Surrey Air. We are attentive to your urgent needs. That is why we always keep a team ready for emergencies. We also have maintenance programs that run bi-annually. You can always reach out to us for a customized package that suits your budget and needs. 


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