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Why we choose Daikin

Many of our customers ask us ‘Why Daikin?’ (and why not the other brands), so if you are wondering too, here’s our top five reasons why we choose Daikin …

Surrey Air is proud of our 35 plus years as a Daikin dealer. Like us, Daikin is a team player who are motivated by quality, innovation, and customer-care.

A Lifetime Return on Investment

Quality lasts a lifetime. With regular servicing, a Daikin unit will run reliably for 20-30 years. Your initial investment will pay off with efficiency savings in power over the lifetime of the unit. Some other brands will need to be replaced 2-3 times in 30 years. That’s bad news for your wallet and the environment.

Exceptional Customer-care

Daikin stands by their warranty and provides exceptional after-sales care for replacement parts. As a Daikin dealer, we know that we will have warranty claims and orders fulfilled with quick turnaround times.

Impressive Innovation

The latest innovation developments continue to impress the refrigeration industry. Daikin has the most energy efficient split-system units in the world. They are continually researching for engineering improvements in refrigerant use and are committed to the preservation of the ozone layer with the use of clean gases. Innovation extends to health with Daikin being the only systems to be approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia Sensitive Choice program.

Luxury of choice

The range of units available is extensive. We know that Daikin’s range offers quality heating and cooling products that suit most of our client’s needs. There is a huge range of Split System, Multi-System, Ducted and Hydronic products for both residential and commercial needs.

Understand Australia’s Climate

Daikin was established in Sydney in 1969. That’s 48 years of on the ground commitment towards understanding the harsh Australian climate. There is a dedicated Department of Design & Development in Australia and a manufacturing facility in Sydney that provide jobs to Australians.

Get ready for summer now with a free on-site quote for replacement or new Daikin heating and cooling solution.


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