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Monitor CO2 levels for optimum safety with Air-Box. Enquire today!

Why Monitor CO2?


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced when humans exhale. Higher Co2 levels, however, can be detrimental to health. CO2 levels above 1000 PPM may induce sleepiness, and levels above 2000 PPM may cause nausea and dizziness. Anything above 5000 PPM for greater than 8 hours can be fatal. Therefore, it is extremely important to constantly measure the CO2 levels in your homes, schools, and businesses so that timely decisions can be taken to control the increased levels of CO2.

Why Air-Box?


We consider every customer’s unique requirements and develop a climate care solution that fits precisely to your home or workplace. Our rigorous processes and quality assurance systems ensure you receive an exceptional and reliable indoor climate solution, all backed up by our first-class service.

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