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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Gas Ducted Heating

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We deal in leading brands including Daikin, Brivis, Rinnai and Braemar to offer the best heating solutions for your home.
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Ducted gas heating is an efficient and easy way to achieve temperature control in your entire home or any building. Instead of increasing your electricity bills, you can use gas-based technology to achieve warmth. The gas ducted heating systems use natural gas or LPG to heat the air and spread them using a network of ducts installed on floors or ceilings of your home. It makes your living environment comfortable and cozy regardless of the outside temperature. 

The system is easy to install in under-construction or already-constructed buildings, repair and maintain by calling the gas-ducted heating service providers who fix your system and let you enjoy heating for years.  

While providing efficient warmth and comfort during the cold seasons, ducted gas heating systems offer many benefits over other heating systems. They are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, safe, durable, and reliable. They are a recent invention and a new addition to how you can maintain warmth during winter indoors.

As good as it may sound, there are technical aspects to installing and maintaining these systems. They must be considered to get efficient heating output and stay safe. You must also know the details about the ducted gas heating service’s working, features, advantages, disadvantages, costs, and all the necessary information before you make your final decision.  

Premium Brands
We deal in leading brands including Daikin, Brivis, Rinnai and Braemar to offer the best heating solutions for your home.
Qualified Team
Our technicians are well-equipped and fully qualified to deliver heating service, repair, replacement, or installation at the highest standards.
Professional Services
Our services improve the reliability, performance and efficiency of your heating systems. Thus, increasing their lifespan and ensuring peace of mind.
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How Ducted Gas Heating Works? 

As the name indicates, ducted gas heating involves using a single unit outdoors or on the roof for heating air using gas and a network of ducts to circulate the warm gas through the rooms to be heated or the entire home. Air from within the house is carried to the heat exchanger and heated by combusting natural gas. The air then circulates the home and returns to the unit through accessory components of the ducted gas system that work together to warm the spaces efficiently. 

The ducted gas heating system consists of the following components: 

Each component performs its specific function. Let’s know the details of each of them. 

In the central heating unit, the gas burners are lit by combusting the natural gas and heating the gas collected in the heat exchanger.

The blower then pushes the air from the heating chamber into the ducts. The air flows through the duct system and into the vents throughout the house.

Highly insulated ducts carry the conditioned air to the home and back to the central unit through the vents to maintain the flow and avoid heat loss.

A thermostat is an important device in the ducted gas system to maintain the constant indoor temperature. It detects the temperature and signals the system to achieve the desired level.  

Gas ducted heating system by Brivis
Zoning controller for gas ducted heating

The Zoning Controller

An additional device that you can add with a ducted gas heating system to enhance temperature control in specific areas of your home is a zoning controller.

A zoning controller allows heating of individual zones such as lounge, bedroom, or children’s room and not the study as required. You can also heat the entire home if required. 

You can fully control, program, and manage the temperature in each zone. The zoning controller features enhance the flexibility of the gas-ducted heating services and reduce running costs.  

Benefits Of Ducted Gas Heating 

Ducted gas heating systems have many benefits in general and over other available heating systems.  

Most Cost-Effective Heating System

Ducted gas heating systems’ operational, maintenance, and repair costs are lower than others. They reduce electricity bills and require less fuel than any other system. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity and helps users save hundreds of dollars.  

Fast Warm-Up Time

Ducted gas heating is efficient. It heats the space faster than other heating systems. The air in the heating chambers warms up quickly and is distributed through insulated ducts and channels quickly due to the blower’s motion that rapidly forces hot air into the spaces.   

Even Heat Distribution 

The conditioned air from the main unit enters the rooms through ducts in the floor or ceilings. The air spreads evenly within the space, achieving temperature uniformity. Additionally, the thermostat in the heating system detects the temperature and controls the heating chamber to increase or decrease the warmth to achieve a constant desired temperature.   

Energy Efficiency 

Unlike other heating systems that require much energy resources,  the gas-ducted heating system combusts less natural gas to heat the given space. When the desired temperature is achieved, the heating chamber reduces the gas usage to lower the burner flame.  

Environmentally Friendly 

Ducted gas heating is an environmentally friendly option for heating systems. Natural gas is 65%-75% lesser greenhouse gas, so it is a better alternative to combusting fossil fuels.  

Heaters or burning wood in the furnace fills living space with harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide, which is harmful to living things. The ducted gas heating system throws harmful gases out of the main chamber through a flue pipe and does not allow them to fill the living space, making it a healthier choice. 

Integration Capabilities 

The ducted gas heating system can integrate with other systems to provide temperature comfort all year. You can use the ducted heating system with HVAC or add a reverse cycle system to add an air conditioning feature using the same vents and ducts.  

Save Money On Electric Bills 

In Australia, people pay an average of $60 to run electric heaters for 8 hours daily in an entire month. The cost increases if you use a higher-power electric heater or run it for more than 8 hours daily. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity; hence the ducted gas heating system saves you a good amount on your monthly energy bills.  

Moreover, if you use the zoning controllers, you can efficiently save $200 per annum or above if you use the full zoning system for the entire home.  

Learn more by talking to Surrey Air Heating and Cooling experts.

Ducted Gas Heating Costs 

Here is a detailed insight into installing and maintaining ducted gas heating costs.  

Factors Affecting The Ducted Gas Heating Costs

1. The Complexity of the Installation

In some houses, getting access to install the ductwork is complicated. Older houses usually have enclosed duct systems. Both situations increase the complexity of the installation process.

It requires you to hire a professional ducted gas heating service provider. They ensure you find the right size and type of heating system for your requirement and that it’s properly installed with adequate outlets. The professional service provider must check there are no leakages in the ducts.  

2. Building Size

The ducted gas heating costs increase as the building size increases. You’ll have to pay more if you live in a double-story house than a single-story large house as it requires installing a vertical duct system. You will also require a more powerful heating unit for a double-story house.

As a general rule of thumb, 1 Kw power output is required for every 10  m2 of your space. The required power output and the cost of the system keep adding up for every 10 m2 of your building.  

3. Type of Duct Work

The ducted gas heating cost varies depending on the type of ductwork used. Your cost will be less if you use flexible heating ducts and more if you use fibreboard or sheet metal heating ducts.

4. Add On Cooling Features

You’ll require to purchase a cooling unit ahead of the heating unit if you want to use the same ductwork for both purposes. You can pay the upfront cost to get the feature or ask the service provider to keep the provision for adding the cooling unit later.  

5. Zoning and Other Features

A ducted gas heating system with a zoning feature will cost more than one without any other features. Zoning is a costly feature as it offers more flexibility to control the temperature of individual rooms and helps you save efficiently on energy bills. You must get quotes from different service providers and choose the one offering the required features at a competitive price.  

If you like to control your heating system via smartphone, you will pay more to avail of the facility.  

6. Efficiency Rating of the System 

The Government of Australia issues energy stars as a trusted symbol to declare the system’s efficiency rating.  It helps customers purchase energy-efficient ducted gas heating systems by telling how much gas a system uses.

When purchasing a ducted gas heating system, you must always consider the energy stars for a reliable and cost-effective system. The brands and models with higher energy stars or higher efficiency ratings usually have a higher upfront cost.

Brivis gas ducted heating cost Australia

Component And Installation Cost of Ducted Gas Heating System 

Whether installing a new ducted gas heating system or adding or replacing any components, the cost is one of the most critical factors. Here is a detailed breakdown of the components and installation costs of a typical ducted gas heating system, including the cost of ductwork, vents, and labor.  

Cost Of Installation 

The total depends on the capacity of the gas ducted heating system. The average cost of installation of a gas ducted heating system is between $2500- $8000. Complex installations or large-size properties may cost up to $10000. The cost of installation includes the following services: 

  • On-site consultation.  
  • Designing of heating system in the building.  
  • Cost of the heating unit.  
  • Ductwork supplies 
  • Transportation charges.  
  • Installation of the heating unit and ducts.  
  • Testing of the system after installation.

The installation cost of a reverse-cycle ducted system is higher than a ducted gas heating system.  

On top of installation charges, you also need to pay labor charges which as between $25- $ 40 depending on the city of installation. The per-hour labor cost of gas-ducted heating in Melbourne is $26. You may have to pay additional labor cost of up to $100- $150 as installation require several technicians to complete the task.  

Call us now to get a better understanding of the costing,

male technician fixing a ducted gas heating system

Cost of Ductwork

Depending on the required ductwork type and meters, the cost ranges from $150 to $1000 or above. Here we are providing the approximate cost of three different types of ductwork.

You may find ductwork supplies at a lower cost when getting ducts from the ducted gas heating service provider rather than purchasing them individually. 

Individual Component Costs

Here is the breakdown for individual component repair and replacement costs.  

Component cost of ducted gas heating system by Surrey Air


Our team of professionals provides ducted heating service, installation, repair, and maintenance.

male technician repairing a ducted gas heating system in Keysborough

Ducted Gas Heating Ownership Costs

When you own a ducted gas heating system, it gives you cost-efficient heating solutions. Still, they do require maintenance and utilise energy.  You must consider the maintenance and energy costs to take an idea of what you’ll need to pay to use the ducted gas heating system.  

Maintenance Costs

The maintenance cost of a gas ducted heating system depends on many factors. The average maintenance cost is $200 – $350. The ducted gas heating maintenance costs increase if any part needs repair or replacement.  

Energy Costs

The gas deduced heating services leverage the use of natural gas. It offers lower carbon emissions and significant savings on annual energy costs regardless of the heating system size. Your system will utilise more energy and cost more if you use a reverse cycle ducted system. You may calculate the hourly operating cost of your system by multiplying the gas heating system’s energy consumption in Megajoules by values found in your latest gas bill. Now you can estimate the costs by considering the number of hours the heating system works in your home daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.  

 Some of the ducted gas heating system’s components require electricity to run. Although small, electricity consumption will add to your heating system’s total annual operating cost.  

Tips To Save Money On Ducted Gas Heating Costs

Here are some pro tips to help you reduce ducted gas heating running costs.  

Utilize The Zoning Technology 

The zoning technology’s flexibility allows you to save up to $300 a year. Installing intuitively and properly will let you enjoy the warmth with adequate energy saving. You don’t need to heat every corner of your home, and the zoning technology enables you to turn off heating for rooms and spaces that don’t need heating.  


Lower Temperature From Thermostat 

You don’t need excessively high temperatures indoors. Instead, you need a cozy environment where you don’t feel cold and stay comfortable. Setting the thermostat at higher numbers consumes more energy to achieve the desired temperature. Setting the thermostat between 18-20 is good to keep you warm through the chilly days while saving on your bills.  


Use Natural Ways To Retain Heat 

Sunlight is a natural source of heat. Open the windows so your home can get warmer during the daytime without needing the heating system.  


Improve The Space’s Insulation  

The heating system will require extra work if your space isn’t insulated. Heat can seep through the open doors or windows, lowering the temperature inside the house. Ensure your space is insulated so the hot air is trapped within it, providing the needed temperature.  


Turn Off The Heating System When Not In Use

Many people keep the ducted gas heating system on at low temperatures even when not in use. The practice isn’t good for the heating system’s health and your pocket. Turn off the heating system completely when it is not in use.  


Upgrade To Appropriate Size  

Using a ducted gas heating system with lower energy output for larger space puts more burden on the system. The smaller unit will consume more energy to achieve the desired temperature, increasing the energy bills. Upgrading to the appropriately sized heating unit that gives the required output will help you get desired temperatures without exhausting the energy resources and reduce the energy bills.  


Schedule Regular Maintenance 

 The gas-ducted heating system works efficiently without consuming more energy when all its components work correctly. It helps in reducing energy bills. Moreover, maintenance ensures no emergency spending on repair or replacements of any components.  

Maintenance and Repair of Ducted Gas Heating Systems

Importance Of Regular Maintenance

  • Maintenance includes in-depth cleaning of the air filters, vent grates, ducts, thermostats, ignitors, and other components. Cleaning ensures no dirt and debris in the heating system and the user gets clean, conditioned air. 
  • Regular maintenance ensures the heating unit is working properly, with no malfunctioning in any component, and the ducts are not leaking. It eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide accumulation in the home and keeps everyone safe. 
  • A well-maintained ducted gas heating system consumes less energy and works efficiently. 
  • Maintenance reduces breakdowns and repair costs and increases the life span of the heating system. 
woman chilling in her living room working on her laptop

Troubleshooting The Common Ducted Gas Heating System Problems

The ducted gas heating system faces some recurring problems. These problems include pilot light failures, ignition problems, no hot air,  airflow issues, noises, burning smell, controller error messages, and more. Here is a quick guide to troubleshooting them.  

  1. Turn off and restart the ducted gas heating system to ensure the circuit breaker works correctly.  
  2. Check outlets are open.
  3. The pilot light is on. 
  4. The filters are clean. 
  5. The batteries in the thermostat are not weak.  


Once you know the problem, you can fix it to run your heating system smoothly. But if there are more serious issues or you can’t fix them, call professional repair services to fix them. 

Professionals at Surrey Air are experienced in troubleshooting and resolving complex issues. You may contact them to fix your gas ducted heating system efficiently. 

Tips For Maintaining A Ducted Gas Heating System

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your ducted gas heating system.  

  1. Remove the vents and wash them in soapy water. Clean the vents properly and replace them after drying.  
  2. Remove anything from above or under the vents.  
  3. Clean the dirt on vents using a vacuum or spills using a damp cloth. Dry the area before replacing the vents.  
  4. Choose a good quality air filter and change them twice a year.  
  5. Use filters in vents to keep away dirt and debris.  
interior of a home kitchen with ducted gas heating system installed

Gas Ducted Heating Brands Offered in Australia

Rinnai, Brivis, Bonaire and Braemar are among Australia’s leading brands offering gas ducted heating systems. Here is an overview of their features, energy rating stars, and warranty. The unit prices vary with the size.  

Besides these, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, and Actron Air are also among the reputed ducted gas heating brands you can easily get in Australia.  

Gas Ducted Heating Service in Melbourne

Surrey air service melbourne

If you are searching for gas ducted heating service in Melbourne, Surrey Air is one of the best gas ducted heating service providers. It’s a family-run business with experience offering installation, maintenance, and repair services for over 40 years.  

Each member of our staff team is highly skilled and competent to offer excellent services to our valuable customers. Our professional technicians know their job and follow protocols to ensure your job is done perfectly and that there are no errors during installation, maintenance, and repair.  

If you don’t know what size of the ducted heating unit and ductwork type will fit your needs or budget, our ducted gas heating consultants will provide you with many options and help you choose the best one for your home’s size and structure. Contact us to discuss your requirements and concerns and get exclusive ducted gas heating services in Melbourne at the most affordable prices.  


Our team of professionals provides ducted heating service, installation, repair, and maintenance.

Choosing The Right Heating System For Your Home

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Hydronic Heating

Save your heating costs by radiating heat

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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

All-in-one solution to heat or cool your home



Yes, you can use the same ductwork and vents for heating and cooling by adding unit for air conditioning to your ducted gas heating system. 


A ducted gas heating system utilizes less electricity or fossil fuels, making it more energy efficient than any other heating system. 


We advise our clients to get a servicing plan of bi-annual maintenance of their systems. If you want to more about our servicing charges and frequency, get in touch with us.


Yes. You can add a zoning controller to heat the required areas of the home while keeping it off for areas, not in use. 


We consider every customer’s unique requirements and develop a climate care solution that fits precisely to your home or workplace. Our rigorous processes and quality assurance systems ensure you receive an exceptional and reliable indoor climate solution, all backed up by our first-class service.

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