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Environmental Policy

A sustainable future:

Since Surrey Air began in 1981 environmental standards have been constantly improving and we have been adapting and improving along with them. We actively encourage environmental conscious practices and feel a strong responsibility to leave a more sustainable planet for future generations.

Our environment commitment …

Surrey air works responsibly and consciously to study any new industry developments and actively contributes to discussions to improve environmental outcomes across our industry. We proudly supply and install for you the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems available in Australia.

About HCFC’s Refrigerant phase out:

Surrey Air is proudly environmentally aware, and proactively advises clients when the time is right to upgrade to new generation equipment. You can be sure that we will take the environmentally responsible approach in helping our planet remove equipment that contains (ozone depleting) HCFC refrigerants. This equipment is replaced with systems containing (non ozone depleting) HFC refrigerants – and are also up to 30-40% more energy efficient, which improves consumption impact and also reduces your energy bills. More about the HCFC Phase Out

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