As the saying goes, your home is your castle. While it might be true in a symbolic sense, a castle is the last place your want your home to be like. After all, castles are old, draughty and uncomfortable. At Surrey Air, we’re all about comfort. And what equals comfort? A home that is the perfect temperature inside, no matter what the conditions are outside.

We offer the the perfect solutions to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. We have the knowledge, the training, and the know-how to make your new heating and cooling system just right for you.

Surrey Air can implement any type of solution into your home—whether it be a Single Split System, a Multi Split System, a Ducted System, or something in between—we’ll have you feeling your best at home all year round.

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  • Additional Appliances

    Save your money all year round by having your hard working units and appliances serviced at once with surrey’s special multi-service offer.

    2 appliances – $264 inc GST

    3 appliances – $308 inc GST

    4 appliances – $352 inc GST

    5 plus appliances – only $385 inc GST