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The Best Residential Heating Services in Melbourne

There are different types of heating systems available on the market that heat up your residential space. While some heating units have separate functions, some feature cooling and heating. 

Regardless of the heating system you install, the core purpose is to generate thermal energy using a source and distribute it within the living spaces while maintaining the consistency of the temperature for ultimate comfort. Your residential gas heater can use multiple fuel sources, ranging from oil, biofuel, electricity, and natural gas.  

We know how challenging it can get to find a heater that fits well with your requirements. It is important to go for the right choice because multiple factors go into the final decision. Let’s go through the most common types of heating systems used in Melbourne homes.  


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner 

As the name suggests, reverse cycle air conditioning units are an all-rounder because they provide heating and cooling solutions, so you don’t have to invest in a separate air conditioner. The air conditioning units also feature a range of filters to purify the air from dust particles and bacteria. 

Reverse cycle air conditioning units come with heat pump technology; it functions by compressing a refrigerant gas, which later transfers the heat. While in summer, the heat is extracted from the room and blown outside, the function is reversed in winters.  

One of the best things about reverse cycle air conditioners is that they are energy efficient. Unlike traditional electrically-powered heating units, reverse cycle air conditioners can provide more than 100 percent energy efficiency. 

The reason is that they consume less electricity to distribute the same amount of heat to warm up your room at a consistent temperature. Instead of energy conversion, the heat pump technology enables the heat to transfer.  


Gas Ducted Heating 

Gas ducted heating systems are known to be versatile heating solutions. If you are looking for something that provides just the right amount of warmth and comfort, gas ducted heating units should be on your purchase list. It is an inexpensive heating option that is fuelled by either LPG or natural gas. 

The system features a gas furnace that heats the air drawn from your home. The heated air is then blown back via a series of duct outlets installed in different parts of your home. 

Gas ducted heating is a clear winner when you want to have control over the temperature in different zones because it comes with a thermostat control to adjust the temperature as per your preferences.  

As mentioned that it is a gas heating solution, you can easily avoid sky-rocketing electricity charges; plus, it is a complete home solution, so you don’t have to invest in a separate heating unit for each room.

Moreover, one of the pros is that it emits fewer greenhouse gases, so the system is eco-friendly and safe to use.  


Hydronic Heating 

If you are looking for an energy-efficient solution to heat up your home in winters, go for hydronic heating. The solution has been a success since it was introduced in the market for residential heating because of its energy efficiency.

Residential heating services in Melbourne will always recommend hydronic heating to clients because it reduces gas bills as well. Also, if you have kids at home, it is a perfect solution, as it prevents allergens to create a safe breathing environment.  

If you are wondering how it works, hydronic heating uses water for the even distribution of heat in your house via piping. The system uses a natural convection process for heat radiation, providing you with the ultimate comfort in Melbourne winters.


Heating Services in Melbourne 

If you have a heating system at home, know that its servicing is important. Even if you have a heating unit from a quality manufacturer, you still need yearly or half-yearly heating services. 

There are five reasons why you should schedule heating services in Melbourne for your system.  

  • Servicing and maintenance will protect your system’s components and clean air filters that keep the unit up and running, saving energy consumption. 
  • Getting heating servicing ensures that small issues are repaired right there and then, extending your system’s lifespan 
  • The best heating services in Melbourne also ensure that air filters are cleaned on a regular basis for an improved airflow, which leads to better indoor air quality 


Surrey Air Provides the Best Heating Services in Melbourne 

Surrey Air has been in the HVAC industry providing residential heating services in Melbourne for more than 35 years. Our in-house team of engineers is industry experts who take informed decisions while servicing. 

Whether you need repairs for gas ducted heating or reverse cycle air conditioning, you can leave all your worries to us, as we can vouch for our best heating services in Melbourne.  


The Most Reliable Residential Heating Services in Melbourne 

Our valuable customers rely on us when it comes to the most reliable residential heating services in Melbourne. From minor fixes to comprehensive issues, we ensure to provide the best service and advice with the help of our certified and qualified HVAC engineers. 

If you need maintenance, repairs or regular servicing, give us a phone call or head to our book a service form on our website. 


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