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9 Tips to Minimise the Strain On Your Air Conditioning System During the Summer

The perfect air conditioning in summer requires much more than extra effort from the air conditioning systems. They have to put in extra effort to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, fighting the scorching outdoor temperatures, resulting in an additional strain on the system. 

Continuous strain can cause a breakdown in the air conditioning system and affect its performance and longevity. 

The simple solution to save the air conditioner is to minimise its strain. Air conditioning system owners take adequate measures to achieve the target. Here, we present 9 valuable tips to minimise the strain on your air conditioning system during the summer. Using these tips will enhance comfort, maintain performance, and increase life while saving you money on energy bills. 

Schedule Annual And Regular Maintenance

Annual maintenance is necessary to keep air conditioning systems in good condition, but it becomes more than essential during summers. Experts advise you to schedule regular maintenance before summer to ensure the air conditioning system is in good shape.

Requiring air conditioning in summer will make you run your air conditioning system for extended periods and, sometimes, throughout the day. It puts excessive load on the system and causes it to heat up and break down. Scheduled annual maintenance before the start of the season provides detailed check-ups on all parts of the air conditioner and verifies that there are no problems in the system. Regular maintenance services like cleaning filters and air ducts will limit the strain and improve functional efficiency. 

Install Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows users to schedule a time to turn the air conditioning on or off according to requirements. It also allows you to adjust different temperatures for each room during the day and night.

Installing a programmable thermostat will let you limit the usage of the air conditioning system without affecting overall comfort. Scheduling will ensure the air conditioner doesn’t run unnecessarily without causing the system to restart from zero every time and consume more energy to start up. In this way, installing programmable thermostats will reduce the strain on your air conditioning system.

Optimise Controller Settings

To achieve a comfortable indoor temperature, many people set the air conditioning system to an overly cool temperature. Setting a too-low temperature adds strain on the system, pushing it to work excessively.

For optimum air conditioning in summer, experts recommend setting air conditioners at cooling mode with high fan speed between 22°C -24°C. The setting is perfect for enjoying a comfortable indoor environment. Furthermore, using a programmable thermostat helps in optimising the temperature settings, allowing the system to work as required, minimising the net load on the air conditioner.

Limit Activities That Generate Heat

Many household activities such as cooking, using electrical appliances, lighting on incandescent bulbs, bathing, mopping floors, allowing direct sunlight into living space, and many others increase indoor temperatures. Such activities further increase the load on an air conditioning system and make it harder for them to maintain the desired indoor temperature.

Although these activities aren’t 100% unavoidable, limiting them limits heat generation indoors. Activities like proper ventilation, turning off bulbs when not needed, using exhaust fans, and using blinds/ thick curtains to block sunlight ensure there is no extra heat generation. These small steps greatly reduce the air conditioning system’s burden, helping it improve its performance during summer. 

Keep The Sun Out

Sun is the primary source of heat and is solely responsible for scorching summer temperatures. If direct sunlight enters the indoor spaces, it raises the temperature and hence the burden on the air conditioner. The air conditioner has to work with extra effort to maintain the indoor temperature. Keeping the sun out of indoor spaces naturally cools them down to an extent, minimising the strain on the air conditioning system.

Using heat-reflective paints on the outer walls, covering windows with window films, installing cellular shades, using thick or blackout curtains, and ensuring proper insulation help keep the sun out and improve indoor temperature control. 

Improve Insulation

Loss of conditioned air from the air conditioning system or the indoor space increases the strain on the air conditioning system. Frequent loss of conditioned air from any place dysregulates the indoor temperature, sending signals to the air conditioner to work more and maintain temperature to desired levels.

Improving the insulation of the ductwork and living spaces maintains the indoor temperature, allowing the air conditioning system to run smoothly, without stressing its components or consuming extra energy.

Use Fans To Maintain Indoor Temperature

Fans increase air circulation and reduce the amount of heat gain indoors. Using fans moves the hot air out of the indoor spaces and lowers the temperature. The overall effect of using fans helps maintain indoor temperature due to which air conditioners receive a bit cooler air from indoor and proper circulation. Slightly cooler air and proper circulation reduce the strain from the air conditioning system, allowing the air to cool and maintain the required temperature with less effort.

The most common types of fans installed in houses are ceiling or exhaust fans and both play their role in maintaining indoor temperature. 

Turn Off The Air Conditioning System While You Are Away

It’s worth using an air conditioning system for comfort during summer. But. one should use it wisely and avoid running it while you are away from the room, or your home.

If you are concerned about entering a hot, humid home after a long day at work or outdoors, it’s better to install a smart thermostat that you can control from a distance. 

Upgrade The Air Conditioning System

Last but not least, it is important to upgrade the air conditioning system whenever required. If your air conditioning system needs frequent repairs, is not performing its duty properly, or is consuming too much energy, it’s time to get it changed. Replace your old, malfunctioning air conditioning system with an advanced system that can provide you with efficient air conditioning in summer. 

Experts at Surrey Air can help you select the best air conditioning system for Melbourne’s summer needs. They’ll assist you in picking a system that meets your requirements, is within your budget, and navigates you through the exhausting installation process. With our expert guidance, you can enjoy uninterrupted and budget-friendly air conditioning in summer! 


Maintaining a constant lower temperature against the hot environment puts an additional strain on the air conditioning system. As air conditioning in summer is a requirement, you can’t turn it off and allow it to cool down or rest. Taking measures to reduce the net strain is the only solution to get comfortable indoor conditions.

Steps such as regular maintenance, installing a programmable thermostat, optimising controller settings, limiting activities that generate heat indoors, keeping the sun out, improving the insulation of the air conditioning system and the whole house, using fans and turning off the system when leaving are of utmost importance. 

Along with these tips, it is important to upgrade the air conditioning system when required. An old system will consume more energy, and fail to provide the needed thermal comfort. It will also require frequent repairs adding stress and costs of operations. So if you notice that your air conditioning system isn’t working efficiently, contact an expert air conditioning service provider, like Surrey Air to get a free consultation.



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