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Commercial heating system set on the roof of the building

Choose the Best Commercial Heating Services in Melbourne

When winters hit Melbourne, they can be extremely harsh. To ensure comfort and warmth, commercial heating is important to keep your company’s employees well-adjusted and productive. 

Commercial heating has numerous benefits; therefore, it is important for every business owner to consider installing a heating system before the winter season sets in.  




The priority of any business should be to provide a comforting environment to its employees. In Melbourne, winters are unpredictable. In situations where employees are working with no heating system, it can be a major drawback for the company. 

Not only are employees less productive, but often have more sick days away from work. Moreover, there are multiple benefits of a commercial heating system for your business. Let’s explore together. 


Customer Satisfaction Increases

Does your company often have customers and visitors? If you do, it is a necessity to provide them with a comforting environment and inviting place; you can’t just expect customers to come to your workplaces, such as shop fronts, offices, theatres, or medical practices, and stay for long if you don’t have appropriate heating measures. 

That is why commercial heating plays a vital role in increasing customer satisfaction for any organization. If you already have a commercial heating system installed at the workplace, don’t forget to receive a maintenance service from a reliable HVAC technician.  


Employee Health and Well-Being Improves 

Cold, flu, and fever are typical of winters. One of the major factors is inappropriate protective measures such as cold indoor environments. As a result, immune systems get weak, making people highly susceptible to sickness. 

Moreover, once the sickness is in your building, it is contagious; when one employee gets sick, the entire workforce will be affected too. This is often referred to as Sick Building Syndrome. which eventually poses an impact on your company’s bottom line. 


Productivity Level Improves 

Showing your employees that the company they work for not only cares about profits but also their comfort and well-being increases job satisfaction, employee commitment, and productivity levels. 

Ensuring that your employees work in a comforting environment is a way to improve productivity and morale. As winters strengthen their grip, it is important for you to install a commercial heating system to minimize absenteeism and employee turnover and maximize productivity.   



Though commercial heating systems are quite similar to your residential ones, there is still a huge difference when it comes to their servicing. Commercial heaters are comparatively larger, sturdy, and powerful, which requires technical expertise to perform commercial heating services. 

Hiring a commercial heating and cooling specialist, such as Surrey Air, is critical to keep your heaters up and running at an efficient speed and efficiency, while saving you money in the long term on costly breakdowns. If you are wondering about the benefits of having a commercial HVAC partner for your business, keep reading. 

Commercial heaters are larger and complex than domestic ones; therefore, their issues must be addressed in a different manner. Commercial heating services in Melbourne have in-house HVAC engineers who are equipped with sound knowledge and technical expertise to deal with complex challenges. 

Leaving it in the hands of the best heating services in Melbourne means that your commercial heater is in qualified and certified hands. Moreover, it is also ensured that there is no guesswork involved, and every repair or maintenance task is performed with precision and efficiency. 

Unlike residential units, you cannot wait 2-3 weeks to get your commercial heating system fixed because it can be disastrous for customers as well as employees. 

That is why it is always recommended to sign up for a commercial heating maintenance plan so that you can receive the benefits of your technician knowing all the information regarding your unit and providing quick service.  



Do you want to sign your business up for the best commercial heating services in Melbourne? Did previous commercial heating contractors not repair and maintain your units effectively? End your search here and hire Surrey Air for your commercial heating service needs. 

We are considered one of the best heating services in Melbourne, and the credit goes to our in-house qualified technicians who hold years of industry experience. Whether you need installation, maintenance services, or repairs, Surrey Air can do the job perfectly at the best prices. 



For more than 35 years, Surrey Air has been a pioneer in the HVAC industry. We have top engineers who specialize in providing heating services in Melbourne. From minor fixes to comprehensive issues, we are a pro commercial heating service in Melbourne, with experience of working on every brand on the market. 

We have a transparent process to ensure the entire process is communicated to you with honesty. Moreover, customer gratification is at the core of our business, from providing affordable heating services to completing tasks with efficiency, setting the benchmark in the industry.  

Call or visit us to get professional and reliable heating services in Melbourne now.  



See What People Are Saying

Charles Koutzy
Charles Koutzy
Highly recommend Great air con company 10/10 great service & excellent Technicians that completed The job properly & promptly. Keep up the great work. Charles Edithvale
eric yuen
eric yuen
We had an exceptional experience with the professional team who serviced my heater and evaporative air cooler. They were punctual, provided excellent service, and even went the extra mile by fixing a broken tile on our roof. Highly recommended for their professionalism and attention to detail.
Olivia Butler
Olivia Butler
Surrey air came a few weeks ago and serviced my reverse cycle air conditioner for me. They were able to fit me in quickly, there was good communication and the technician arrived on time. The technician was helpful going onto the roof and providing me photos to give to the body corporate re other units that needed attending to.
Lee Campbell
Lee Campbell
Very happy with the service. Both professional and prompt. Would have hesitation to recommend.
Kate Antrobus
Kate Antrobus
Great service.
Andrea Anderson
Andrea Anderson
These guys had the most reasonable call out fee, they were able to attend to fix our issue the day after I contacted them and there was great communication throughout the whole process from booking to the eta of the technicians. They arrived and promptly set to work, getting our cooling back up and running. I would recommend them.
Great service, friendly people and would definitely recommend!

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