energy saving tips for summer

Top Energy Saving Tips for Summer

With bushfires, hot summers, and frosty winters, global warming in Australia has really acted up in the last few years. The summer season in Australia not only drains the energy out of the body but also the money out of your wallet. 

There is no doubt that we all want to relax in an air-conditioned room after a tiring day out in the scorching heat. However, we don’t realize the amount of energy being consumed with all the air conditioning. 

Shall we just turn the air conditioners off? Absolutely not! There is no need to bear all the heat just to save a few bucks off your electricity bill – there is always an easy way out. 

A few energy saving tips for summer can really save the day, and you will remain within comfort even with melting temperatures outside. 

Keep reading the blog post because we have compiled six energy saving tips for summer so that your energy bills don’t cost a fortune and enjoy summers at their finest. 


Check Your Cooling Systems 

The maintenance of your air conditioning is equally important for efficient performance. Issues like blocked vents and faulty wires only lead to poor performance and higher consumption of electricity because your aircon compensates to provide desired temperatures.

That is why it is important to hire a reliable HVAC service partner like Surrey Air for regular preventive maintenance. Not only does regular servicing will fix issues that help save your energy costs but also extend the lifespan of your air conditioning units. 


Replace Air Filters 

Do you know replacing your air conditioner’s air filters will cut down energy costs by 15 percent? That’s definitely something to consider. Dust and dirt particles often cover up air filters, blocking the normal flow of air into the room. 

It not only affects the performance of your air conditioning system, but it also causes the air conditioner to consume more electricity than usual, causing a hefty load on your energy bill. 

If you think it is time to change air filters, get in touch with Surrey Air’s experts and get the replacement before it is too late. Note that sometimes you don’t need a replacement and washing thoroughly would do the job just as fine. 


Create Natural Shade 


This is one of my favorite energy saving tips for summer. If the sun shines in all its glory in your area, there is no better way to cover areas that are a source of direct sunlight in your home. 

If you are fond of gardening and have a thing for plants, put some skills to use and build foliage to cover glass windows. Not only does it protect sunlight from entering your home, but also adds a beautiful dimension to the exterior of your house. 


Set Aircon Temperature at 26-degree 

People often overlook the importance of temperature, but the truth is, setting your air conditioner at 26 degrees is one of the most useful energy bill saving tips for summer. 

It is not our theory; Environment Victoria has stated that an increase of even 1 degree can cost you 15 times more on the energy bill. We know it becomes even hotter in the daytime, and you might often need the feel to lower the temperature to the minimum. 

But keeping temperatures at 26 degrees will keep you comfortable and save some bucks as well. 


Buy a Smart Meter 

The biggest advantage of having a smart meter is that you won’t have to wait for an entire month to check your energy usage. If you have a smart meter, you have the opportunity to check the consumption in real-time. 

Smart electricity meters have already been rolled out across Victoria, so you can keep the measure of your energy consumption and act accordingly for the next-day usage. 


Close Blinds 

Here is the last of the energy bill saving tips for summer. Open windows and glass doors put extra load on your air conditioner unit, and we don’t want that. 

This way, your unit consumes more electricity to compensate for the desired temperature. Therefore, we always recommend closing blinds and curtains, especially when you have a Southern or Western facing window. 



That’s all from our end, but here is the important part: if you are currently looking for energy saving tips for summer, you should also consider hiring a reliable HVAC service partner, and you should rely on Surrey Air for that. 

We provide high-quality maintenance services and keep your air conditioning systems up and always running. We are just a call away, just call on the given number and speak with our experts today.


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