How Air purification And Bacteria Treatments Can Dramatically Improve Your Health.

Indoor air quality is relatively more polluted than outdoor air due to the presence of airborne particles. When a person coughs and sneezes in the shared air, aerosols carry the virus and bacteria and travel in the air. These particles can hang in the air for a longer period and become suspended in enclosed spaces. They can also result in surface contamination when an infected person touches doorknobs and handles. In theory, these particles are called biological contaminants, and they can trigger multiple health conditions, including asthma, influenza, measles, shortness of breath and other infectious diseases.  

The transmission of bacteria and viruses is elevated in enclosed and crowded spaces. Effective ventilation plays a key role in circulating fresh air in the indoor environment and diluting the higher concentration of bacteria and virus particles. Multiple studies suggest the positive impacts of fresh air circulation on the transmission of diseases. It, as a result, reduces the content of contaminants in the indoor air and improves indoor air quality.  

Workplaces often have poor indoor air quality due to poor ventilation systems, and on top of that, they are highly occupied, which means the risk of transmission is even greater.  In such a case, the key solution is mechanical ventilation – an air purifier for bacteria and viruses. Installing an air purifier helps in improving indoor air quality by effectively capturing suspended particles, leaving a safe environment to breathe in.  

An air purifier for bacteria and viruses featuring a HEPA filter is the most effective because it captures even the smallest particles with more than 95 per cent efficiency. That is why, as per CDC and EPA, it is the most effective in filtering out airborne viruses, such as Sars-Cov-2.  


Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line is the most effective air purifier for bacteria and viruses to improve indoor air quality. It is a new generation of air cleaners that features a HEPA filter for effective removal of contaminated areosols. Our VisionAir Blue Line has seven combinations to choose from for selective targeting and maintaining an optimum level of air quality. It is a user-friendly air purifier for bacteria and viruses that filters the air with 99.95 per cent efficiency. You can easily install it on the ceiling and the wall. The VisionAir Blue Line unit and Pure Air Shield 3300 also come in mobile versions for added convenience. 


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