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Surrey’s Ozone Friendly Commitment

Split system air conditioning is becoming more ozone friendly. Surrey Air’s has welcomed the news and our environment commitment has been strengthened with new training and licencing.

Surrey Air is now fully licenced by Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) in the handling of the new, next generation R32 refrigerant that has tested for use in split-system air conditioning equipment.

Since it is non-ozone depleting, R32 is a more environmentally friendly refrigerant that the ozone depleting HCFC options such as R22 currently being phased out in Australia and across the world.

Daikin is the first company in the world to use R32, testing R32 in all of its residential air conditioners in Japan since November 2012 and since March 2013 in India. Daikin is now testing R32 in all commercial air conditioning equipment. Plans are now in place to begin exporting these to Europe and Australia. R32 is very efficient, offering excellent air quality and comfort levels due to increased performance in high heat.

However R32 refrigerant is included in the list of prescribed substances covered in the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 and therefore requires a handling licence and trading authorisation from the ARC. R32 refrigerant also needs to become commercially available in Australia to licenced technicians before any air conditioning units containing it can be sold. When that happens, Surrey will be ready to fulfil demand.

Says head technician Kris O’Halloran, “We are ready and looking forward to installing Daikin’s new environmentally friendly split system air conditioning units. The benefits to the both the environment and the comfort levels of our customers is a perfect win/win outcome.”


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