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Surrey air technician changing HVAC filter

Why You Need To Check Your HVAC Filters Before Summer? 

Air conditioner filters are the most crucial component of the HVAC system that directly affects its performance. To keep your HVAC functioning to its maximum capacity, you must take care of its filters, especially before the summer starts! 

If your HVAC has worked throughout the winter or stayed sleeping, it’s time to check its filters. Checking your air conditioner filters is valuable for your HVAC. It contributes to many benefits, ahead of getting cooler, more comfortable and cost-effective solutions for your summer needs.

Here’s Why You Need To Check Your HVAC Filters Before Summer

Summer Means More Working of the HVAC System

Summers put more pressure on the filters as HVAC works more frequently than in other seasons. As a result, more air passes through the filters, making filters dirty and requiring more frequent checking. 

The air conditioner filters work harder to remove dirt and debris, pollens and other allergens. All of the pollutants and contaminants are trapped on the filter’s surface. Hence, the filters require more frequent cleaning or replacement if they are disposable or if there are signs of physical damage. 

Cleaning or replacing the filters before summer kicks in ensures the air conditioner filters are in good shape to meet the demands of an excessive workload the upcoming season will bring.

Higher Summer Humidity Levels are Detrimental to the Air Conditioner Filter

During summers, Melbourne experiences increased humidity. The humidity levels indoors are higher than it is outdoors. 

Higher indoor humidity levels lead to more build-up on the filters, clogging them with trapped dust, pollens, other contaminants, and moisture. These clogged filters make it harder for the air conditioner to perform efficiently and stress the HVAC even more!

As a result of humidity, clogged filters affect the efficiency and also the indoor air quality. Cleaning the air filters before summer and maintaining them helps reduce stress from the air conditioner and enhances its performance.

Now that we know why to check the HVAC filters, let’s learn about some benefits. 

Benefits Of Checking HVAC Filters Before Summer

Ensure your HVAC is summer-ready by inspecting your air conditioner filters in advance. This not only brings a wave of cooler and more comfortable air but also sets the stage for cost-effective solutions to meet your summer cooling needs.


Servicing Increases the Life of the HVAC System

Filter services have a direct impact on the quality and life span of the HVAC unit. Clean filters ensure clean air passes into the other HVAC components and the system can work smoothly without facing excessive pressure. It saves HVAC from routine wear and tear, increasing the life of the HVAC system.


HVAC Performs Better with Clean Filters 

HVAC systems receive clean, uninterrupted air from clean filters, which help other components to give better performance. Clean filters also help maintain the indoor temperatures at the desired levels without excessive energy consumption. 


HVAC with a Clean filter has lesser operational costs 

Maintaining clean filters enhances airflow and optimizes the performance of other HVAC components. This results in a stress-free HVAC system with minimal to zero damage to its components, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower repair costs, thus keeping operational costs at a minimum.


There are no unusual noises, smells and dust.

Noise, foul smells and poor indoor air are common issues with dirty air filters. The HVAC system makes rattling, excessive sounds and often gives off smells through the vents due to clogged filters. They also contribute to poor indoor air quality, with dust causing allergies and respiratory issues. 

With proper cleaning and treatment of filters, all these issues cease to exist, allowing home owners to experience noise-free, odour-free, and dust-free cool temperatures inside their spaces!


Experience increased airflow. 

With clean filters, no dust and debris in the air pass into the HVAC system. The clean air ensures no blockages appear in the ducts or other components, and there is unobstructed increased airflow through the HVAC into the spaces. This adds to the benefits of lowering energy bills and better temperature controls. 


Clean filters save money. 

Keeping the filters clean consumes your energy and resources but brings more savings in the long run. Firstly, HVAC with clean filters consume less energy to work, reducing energy bill significantly. Secondly, clean filters keep the internal HVAC system safe from routine damage, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements. Above all, clean air conditioner filters save the HVAC from mechanical stress and contribute to increasing its life span and performance quality. 


Clean air conditioner filters save HVAC from degradation. 

An HVAC system typically lasts for 10-15 years. Proper care and maintenance can increase its age to 20 years or longer. Cleaning the filters is the first and foremost step in HVAC maintenance, which is crucial in saving the HVAC from degradation. So, cleaning the HVAC filters before summer puts an additional workload on the HVAC is important. 

Drawbacks of not Checking HVAC Filters Before Summer

Even if you aren’t convinced about checking filters before summer, these drawbacks will surely do.


Allergies and Respiratory Problems

Allergies, respiratory problems and related health issues are common when air filters are dirty. Residential and commercial settings using HVAC systems must focus on air filtration to avoid associated health problems. The study covers the effectiveness of air filters in fighting allergies and respiratory problems. 


Uneven Cooling And Poor temperature maintenance 

Efficient cooling is essential for staying comfortable during the summer. However, uncleaned filters can impede airflow, which leads to uneven heating and cooling and poor temperature maintenance within the space. 


Bad indoor air quality 

Clogged filters cannot remove dirt, microbes and other contaminants from air entering the spaces. It compromises indoor air quality and often produces foul, rotten egg-like smells. Exposure to poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and discomfort. 


Avoid System Breakdowns

HVAC breakdowns are common during summer due to excessive workloads. But if the air filters are clean, the risk of breakdown decreases significantly. 

Get Your HVAC Filters Checked With Surrey Air!

If you want your system to keep running efficiently and allow you to enjoy cooler temperatures when it’s hot outside, contact Surrey Air for pre-summer maintenance services. Our pre-summer services are proven to take comprehensive care of your HVAC and help it perform efficiently throughout the season!


Increased workload and humidity during summer cause filters to become dirty and clogged more frequently than in any other season. Checking the air conditioner filters before summer is highly effective for getting rid of winter effects and obtaining comfortable and cost-effective cooling throughout the season.

Extensive cleaning or replacement of air filters improves indoor air quality, improves indoor air quality, increases performance efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and saves on energy bills and maintenance. It also brings savings by lowering energy bills and increasing the life span of HVAC.

Furthermore, clean air filters promote a healthy living environment and keep your system safe from breakdowns. Contact Surrey Air for efficient HVAC filter Maintenance services!



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Charles Koutzy
Charles Koutzy
Highly recommend Great air con company 10/10 great service & excellent Technicians that completed The job properly & promptly. Keep up the great work. Charles Edithvale
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eric yuen
We had an exceptional experience with the professional team who serviced my heater and evaporative air cooler. They were punctual, provided excellent service, and even went the extra mile by fixing a broken tile on our roof. Highly recommended for their professionalism and attention to detail.
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Olivia Butler
Surrey air came a few weeks ago and serviced my reverse cycle air conditioner for me. They were able to fit me in quickly, there was good communication and the technician arrived on time. The technician was helpful going onto the roof and providing me photos to give to the body corporate re other units that needed attending to.
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Lee Campbell
Very happy with the service. Both professional and prompt. Would have hesitation to recommend.
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Kate Antrobus
Great service.
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Andrea Anderson
These guys had the most reasonable call out fee, they were able to attend to fix our issue the day after I contacted them and there was great communication throughout the whole process from booking to the eta of the technicians. They arrived and promptly set to work, getting our cooling back up and running. I would recommend them.
Great service, friendly people and would definitely recommend!

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