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Autumn leaves on an air conditioner. Depicting impact of fall on HVAC

Top 5 HVAC Maintenance Tips To Prepare For Your Home For Fall

The fall is in the air. As trees are all set to shed off their leaves and display their vibrant foliage, it’s time for you to adapt according to fall. Packing your shorts and sandos, and replacing them with sweatshirts and trousers, one more thing in your home needs your attention. 

It’s your HVAC system! 

It has rigorously worked through the summer harshness, and as it has to be prepared for the winter’s drops, the fall’s mild range temperature is perfect for scheduling a maintenance session. You can give your HVAC system a break for a day or two and let it get back into the perfect shape. 

Let’s understand why HVAC maintenance during fall is the best bet.

Why Fall Is The Perfect Time For HVAC Maintenance?

Preparation For Winters

Like summers, winters present extreme temperatures when surviving without HVAC is next to impossible. The milder autumn temperatures are the best for HVAC maintenance so that your system can efficiently handle the excessive load in winter. 


Optimal Conditions

Falls offer optimal temperature conditions. Maintenance during fall is a lesser hassle and provides a relaxed window for thorough services. If you don’t avail the chance now, you may have to pay hefty amounts for emergency repairs and stand chilly temperatures. 


Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

HVAC maintenance is vital in indoor quality by removing dust, dirt and debris from the system. Timely maintenance during fall will save you from unpleasant smells when windows and doors are closed during winter. 


Clearing Over Growth And Clutter 

The hot and humid summer conditions provide an optimal environment for bacterial and fungal growth in the pipes and ducts of your HVAC system. Similarly, working during summer also accumulates clutter within the HVAC unit. Maintenance services will clear all the overgrowth and clutter and make HVAC ready for use. 


Guaranteeing Safety 

Fall maintenance ensures safety from dangerous malfunctions, efficient performance and a comfortable environment during winter. 


Until now you must have understood the necessity of HVAC maintenance during fall. To save you from the impending situation, we are sharing the top 5 maintenance tips to prepare for your home for fall. 

Autumn leaves on an air conditioner. Depicting impact of leaves on HVAC

Clean Vents And Replace Filters

Filters and vents are essential components of the HVAC system, which if clogged, bring many detrimental effects. Dust and debris pile up on the vents, air grilles, registers and air filter. If any of these are dirty, the indoor air will carry dust and dirt, causing health problems and dust accumulation on stuff. Dirty vents and filters also reduce the airflow which compromises temperature maintenance and energy efficiency, affects the internal HVAC components and stresses the HVAC system.

Cleaning the vents and filters, or replacing the worn-out filters will ensure no dust and debris and the HVAC system will work efficiently.

Clean Up Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

The outdoor condenser unit requires some extra attention during the fall. The number of leaves, twigs, sticks and other tree-related debris increases and clutter around the outdoor unit. If they enter the condenser unit it causes damage to the internal components and affects the HVAC performance.

The natural debris accumulations around outdoor units also contribute to fire hazards. It may also attract squirrels and other critters, which can nibble on wires and tubes causing electrical problems and air leakage issues in the HVAC. cleaning up your outdoor condenser unit will safeguard the unit against all possible problems, improve its efficiency, increase its longevity and make it safe from costly repairs. 

Calibrate And Adjust Your Thermostats

Thermostats are important in maintaining desired temperature levels and saving energy. As the seasons shift from summer to fall, there is a noticeable drop in the atmospheric temperature, which continues to fall during winters. Your summer thermostat settings won’t work during fall and winter, making you uncomfortable.

Calibrating the thermostat to affirm that the thermostat is functioning properly and adjusting it to meet temperature requirements is necessary. It will help you maintain the desired temperature indoors, stay comfortable and save on energy bills.

If you use any old model for thermostats, you must plan and install a programmable thermostat for convenience and cost savings.

Consider Replacing The HVAC System

Time-to-time, the components of the HVAC system require maintenance and repairs. But if changing or repairing the components isn’t helping, it’s time to replace the HVAC system with an updated one. The signs for replacing the HVAC system include more than the required energy consumption, poor performance, frequent repairs and breakdowns. Fall is the best season to consider a replacement.

Selection of the new system, removal of the old one and installing the new HVAC system is tiresome. It may require a day or two to complete the HVAC replacement process. Fall is the best time of the year when you can stay without your HVAC system and get the installation or replacement services comfortably.

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Schedule Regular Maintenance

Whether it’s any season of the year, the need for scheduling regular maintenance remains constant. Experts recommend regular maintenance twice a year to ensure your HVAC system’s health and safety.

Regular maintenance includes detailed cleaning and check-up of each HVAC component like cleaning filters, vents and ducts, checking condenser and refrigerant levels, inspecting the system for leaks, tightening electrical wires, checking the overall system’s performance and carrying out necessary repairs. Once an HVAC expert has performed the maintenance services, it’s unlikely to face sudden breakdowns or system failure.

To schedule regular maintenance this fall season, click here

Regular maintenance services with Surrey Air give you peace of mind that your HVAC system has been checked by a professional HVAC expert. Our dedication and expertise make us one of Melbourne, Australia’s leading HVAC service providers.


Fall is one of the best seasons to prepare the HVAC system for upcoming winters and safeguard it from natural debris. Cleaning vents and filters, clearing the outdoor condenser unit, calibrating and adjusting the thermostat, replacing the HVAC system or its components, and scheduling regular maintenance will prepare your home for fall. Following the above mentioned tips enhance your HVAC’s performance and energy efficiency. 



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