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From Chilly to Cozy: Decoding the Ducted Heating Unit Replacement Cost in Australia

Are you failing to turn your indoor temperatures from chilly to cozy? It could be because your ducted heating unit is not working as efficiently as it should. It’s time to wave goodbye to your old unit and replace it with a new one!

The ducted heating unit replacement cost seems like an unnecessary, additional burden on your pocket, but in the long run, it’s an investment to enjoy coziness and savings.

Here, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the ducted heating unit replacement cost, why you should replace your ducted heating unit, factors that affect replacement costs, and a guide to cover most of the things you’ll need to know to replace the ducted heating unit.

So let’s begin.

Ducted Heating Unit Replacement Cost

Replacing a ducted heating unit costs around $3000 – $8000 in Australia. The Brivis ducted heating unit replacement cost between $1990 – $4000. The cost of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning ranges from $8000 – $12000.

The prices may go up or down depending on factors influencing the total replacement cost.

You can’t estimate exact replacement costs independently and require an expert’s assistance to give you an exact cost estimate by evaluating all the necessary factors.

Cost estimates by experts will give you a complete breakdown of required prices and won’t shock you with hidden charges.

Contact our team to get accurate cost estimates.

hvac technician at surrey air doing ducted heating unit replacement and estimating the ducted heating unit replacement cost

Factors That Affect The Ducted Heating Unit Replacement Costs

As discussed earlier, factors influence the ducted heating unit replacement cost. A few factors that significantly impact the replacement cost are as under. Brivis ducted heating unit replacement costs are also equally influenced by these factors.


Installation Difficulty

The cost increases with the difficulties in the installation process. The design and formation of the house and the accessibility to the duct system make it challenging to install the heating unit.

You may also require additional modifications in the system or repair of the duct work to install the new ducted heating unit.


Installation Location

When replacing the ducted heating unit with the new one, you may want or need to change the location of your ducted heating system. You can shift the system from the roof space to the underfloor, vice versa, or externally as per your requirements.

Shifting the installation location requires changes, like installing the floor grills or platform under the roof. You also need to install power points as required with the new system. You’ll have to meet other requirements so that you won’t face any difficulties with services or claiming a warranty.


Size Of Property

The cost of the ducted system unit replacement dramatically depends on the size of the property. You’ll need a higher heating capacity system for a large area. If your property is a multiple-story building, you’ll need a vertical ducted gas heating system that costs more.


Ductwork Condition

Ductwork is vital in the ducted heating system. Your existing ductwork may or may not be compatible with the new system. Even if it is compatible, you need to assess its condition. Your existing ductwork may require repairs or adjustments according to the new system.

The total cost of the ducted heating unit will vary depending on the ductwork condition. Repairs will cost lesser than changing the entire ductwork.


The Star Rating Of The System

Star ratings of the system denote their energy efficiency. Authorities recommend installing ducted heating systems with a good star rating to save energy and the environment. Systems with different star ratings, 3-star, 4-star, 5-star, and 6-star, are available in the market.

The systems with higher star ratings are expensive but offer savings on energy bills. Your selection of the system will significantly impact the total replacement cost.


Heating Capacity

The price of a ducted heating unit increases when you select a system with a higher heating capacity.

The table below enlists the price of the heating system with respect to the heating capacity.


Power Output


12w to 14w

$1250 to $1500

14kw to 18kw

$1500 to $1750

20kw to 30kw

$2000 to $2500

Note that these prices are a rough idea and will vary with brands and additional features of the ducted heating unit.


Zoning Requirements

Zoning is an advanced feature that lets you control the temperature within different parts of your home independently. It is an excellent feature to obtain efficient temperature control while saving on energy bills, making it a valuable feature for homeowners. However, adding the zoning feature will increase the total repair cost.


Additional Features

Ducted heating units come with many advanced features, such as heating systems with automatic intelligent control and voice commands. If you want to upgrade your ducted heating system to systems with advanced features, you’ll need to pay more!

Signs That Tell You Need Ducted Heating Unit Replacement

Now that we know replacement costs and factors that influence the replacement costs let’s know if you need to replace your existing ducted heating system.

Ducted heating systems are repairable and keep running for years with regular maintenance services.

Here we will discuss some crucial points to help you decide whether you need a ducted heating unit replacement!

Age Of The Ducted Heating Unit

The average age of a ducted heating unit is 15 years. It is a long period; meanwhile, many advanced, more efficient, and energy-saving options are available in the market. Along with declining efficiency, old ducted heating systems’ repair and maintenance costs increase drastically. So, the age of the ducted heating unit is one of the primary reasons to replace it.

Rise In Energy Bills

Old heating units consume more energy to perform their job, which results in higher energy bills than usual. If you observe an unusual rise in energy bills regardless of maintenance services, it indicates that you need to change your ducted heating unit.

Repairing Frequency

If you witness that your ducted heating unit is breaking down frequently and needing repairs more often, it’s high time to change your unit. Ducted heating replacement cost will be higher than repair cost, but it will give you savings and peace of mind in the long run.

Ducted Heater Quality

The quality of the ducted heater affects the life of the heating unit. If the ducted heater isn’t performing efficiently, you must immediately change the ducted heating unit to maintain the cozy temperature in your home during winter. Invest in a good quality heater to achieve longevity and durability. Click here to check Brivis ducted heating unit replacement cost to get high quality ducted heater.

Ducted Heating Running Costs

Estimate how much you pay to run your ducted heating system. Compare the running costs of electric and gas ducted heating systems and pick the system with lower running costs even if the purchasing cost is higher to save in the long run.

Factors To Consider When Replacing A Ducted Heating Unit

Here are some factors you must consider when replacing a ducted heating unit.

Surrey Air offers reliable ducted heating replacement services at the most affordable prices. Our experts provide complete cost estimates and guide you with all the available options. Call us to book your free-of-cost on-site inspection.

Final Verdict

Multiple factors influence the ducted heating unit replacement cost. You must consider these factors while replacing the ducted heating unit. The average Brivis ducted heating unit replacement cost in Australia is between $1900- $4000.



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