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Investing In A Multi Split System? Here Are Its Pros And Cons

Are you planning to invest in a multi head split system? You are in the right place. Before investing, it is crucial to know the multi head split system pros and cons to assess if it fits your requirements.  


What is a Multi-Head Split System? 

Split systems comprise two separate components – heat exchanger and condenser. While the heat exchanger blows cool air into the room, the condenser converts high-pressure gas into a liquid.

As the name suggests, a multi head split air conditioning system features an outdoor unit and multiple indoor units to cool several rooms simultaneously without having any need to install more than a single outdoor unit. 


Multi Head Split Systems Vs. Single Split Systems 

Unlike multi heads, split systems comprise a single indoor unit connected to the outdoor unit. While multi head split systems have the edge in performance and versatility, the efficiency is a bit problematic because long pipes put a strain on the outdoor unit, causing it to decline over time.

Moreover, single units are cheaper and provide more energy efficiency. 


Multi Head Split System Pros and Cons

Let’s get to the benefits first. 


Ideal for Larger Homes 

A multi head split air conditioning system is ideal for larger homes, as they have space to install more than one indoor unit connected with just a single outdoor unit.

While the number of air conditioning systems depends on the size of your house and the number of occupants, you can still install a maximum of eight indoor units at a time.  


Allows Temperature Control 

Multi head split air conditioners allow you to have complete temperature control. You can easily turn off the cooling for unoccupied rooms and adjust the temperature for the occupied ones as per your requirement.

The feature does not only cater to different temperature preferences but also allows energy savings.   


Comes with Easy Installation 

One of the greatest advantages of multi head systems is that they come with easy installation. Firstly, the installation requires no ductwork or alteration to existing construction.

Secondly, since they are wall-mounted systems, they can be installed in any type of space, including buildings with low ceilings.  



Multi head split systems feature versatility as you can install different types of indoor units. For example, you want a quiet air conditioning unit for your home office but a higher capacity aircon for the lounge. Possible? Yes!

There are different indoor unit options that you can choose from, such as a ceiling cassette, bulkhead and floor console.  


With pros come drawbacks too. Let’s take a look.  

Are Usually Expensive  

One of the cons of a multi-head split system is the cost. These systems are usually more expensive to buy and install. They are only worth the money if you have a large space because installing a single split for each room would be more expensive.


Breakdowns can be costly 

The repair is also costly in most cases because all units stop working if the outdoor unit breaks down. In such a case, repairs and maintenance are relatively expensive in multi head split systems. 


Efficiency can be Compromised 

There is no denying the fact that multi split systems are versatile, but they need longer pipelines to connect indoor units with the outdoor unit. It, consequently, puts stress on the outdoor unit, which can result in a significant decline in efficiency as compared to single split units. 

Now that you know multi head system pros and cons, you should know that Surrey Air provides installation for all kinds of air conditioning systems.

If you are still confused about the ideal air conditioning unit for your home, reach out to our experts, and we’d be happy to guide you.  



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