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MFB fire prevention tips for your ducted heating unit

Please read these tips from the MFB to keep you warm and safe this winter.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade has released a fact sheet relating to ducted heating units.View it in full here: MFB Fire Safety Ducted Heating

Important points are:

  1. Some fires start due to lack of maintenance of heating unit, or due to build up of duct and list in the return air grille.
  2. Take precautions by having the heating unit regularly maintained as per manufacturers and warranty specifications.
  3. Regularly vacuum the fascia/grilles/filters of the return air duct
  4. “Test run” the unit at the start of winter on a day when you are home. (Never start a heater and immediately leave it unattended.)
  5. In the event of fire:
    – Dial 000
    – Turn off electricity/gas supply at mains.
    – Evacuate to your prearranged meeting place and await arrival of the Fire Service.

Please click to view the fact sheet in full.

Surrey Air is offering a Multi-Appliance special to keep you safe all year. Get all your units (water, heating, cooling, fans, vents) serviced by a qualified technician at once – for a heavily discounted rate. The more you service the more you save … learn more.


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