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Surrey Air Technician doing air conditioning repair in Springvale near Melbourne VIC

Why Is Pre-Summer Aircon Servicing Important? 

Are you ready to face the hot spells and humidity of Melbourne summers? If not, it’s the right time to set up your air conditioners and get them prepared to beat the summer heat! 

Getting aircon servicing before the peak summer season starts is ideal to get your air conditioner in perfect shape. It will save you from frustrations, keep you cool, calm, and comfortable, and, above all, save you from costly emergencies. Moreover, there are many other benefits that you’ll experience as your air conditioner will be all prepared to give its best performance with detailed aircon servicing. 

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While we take a deep tour into the importance of servicing before summer starts, it’s worth knowing what is included in pre-summer services for your air conditioner. 

What Is Included In Pre-Summer Aircon Services?

The pre-summer aircon services are detailed services to ensure every component of the system is checked. 

The services include:

Removing And Cleaning Debris

Dirt and debris are distasteful for the eyes and, on the same side, detrimental to the air conditioning system. Removing the debris and cleaning it from all the components is the first and most important part of the maintenance services. This step includes cleaning debris from aluminum fans, outer coils, ducts and blower components.

Inspecting The Filter And System Air Flow 

Maintaining air flow is crucial for air conditioner performance. Once the filter is clean, technicians inspect that the air is circulating properly. This step is important to ensure overall thermal comfort. 

Checking All The Electrical Connections 

An air conditioner has multiple electrical connections and must be intact for safe use. Technicians check all the electrical connections to ensure the system is operating safely and there are no chances of electrical risks. 

Calibrating The Thermostat Settings 

Calibrating the thermostat is necessary to certify that the air conditioner is working at the desired temperature. 

Checking The Condensate 

Filling up of drains and water leakage are among the common problems of air conditioners which affect their efficiency. Checking the condensate ensures no leakage or filling up in the drain. 

Measuring The Refrigerant Levels 

Refrigerant is the fuel to run your conditioner. If its levels are low, an air conditioner can not function properly. Measuring the levels and refilling the refrigerant to the desired level is an important part of pre-summer services. 

Inspecting The Home For Air Restrictions 

Sometimes, objects in the home hinder air circulation and impact thermal control and overall temperature maintenance. Inspecting the home for air restrictions ensures the conditioned air flows freely through the registers and cools the home evenly. 

Oiling The Motor 

Lubrication of the motor is necessary for smooth operations. Technicians check the motor for lubrication during pre-summer maintenance so that the motor runs smoothly throughout the season. 

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The Importance Of Pre-Summer Aircon Servicing

Let’s look into the importance of pre-summer aircon servicing. 


Eliminate The Effects Of The Cold 

Your air conditioner may have some after-effects of standing in the cold Melbourne weather. There can be loosening in the ductwork, water in the condensate or drain, and cracking in the electrical wires due to cold weather. Pre-summer services check if there are any issues, fix them, and eliminate the effects of the cold from your air conditioner system. 

Prevent Minor AC Issues To Escalate Into Major System Faults 

Most of the air conditioner’s system faults start as preventable minor issues that go unnoticed! Minor problems are often ignored or not observable as they begin, but with the slightest ignorance, they can turn into systemic faults. These faults eventually impact performance, energy efficiency, comfort and safety.

Pre-summer maintenance or scheduled maintenance rule out if there are minor AC issues and fix them before they grow into major system faults. 

Avoid Breakdowns And Malfunctions 

Breakdowns and malfunctions are common but avoidable in an air conditioning system. You can easily avoid breakdowns, malfunctions, and problems that come because of a non-functional air conditioner during hot summer days with simple scheduled pre-summer maintenance. Maintenance fixes the compromised parts and ensures they keep running smoothly throughout the season. 

No More Costly Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs come at unexpected and greater costs. You’ll need a technician to perform emergency repairs and charge you more for providing quick services. Pre-summer aircon conditioning removes the risks of breakdown and malfunctioning, cutting down the need for costly and immediate repairs. 

Increase The System’s Cost Efficiency 

Although many customers see pre-summer maintenance or annual maintenance as an additional burden on their pockets, they are vital to bringing cost efficiency. Maintenance fixes the unseen glitches in the system allowing it to run smoothly without consuming extra energy to perform its routine functions. Less energy consumption means lower energy bills and decreased operational costs. Maintenance also saves from emergency breakdowns and costly repairs. 

Decrease The System’s Energy Consumption

Air conditioner’s overall running cost and energy bills can worry everyone. With time air conditioner’s parts wear out and start consuming more energy hence increasing the energy bills. With timely, and pre-decided schedules, you can keep your system in top-notch condition and they can perform their functions while utilizing minimum energy. 

Adds Comfort And Safety 

Aircon servicing adds comfort and safety to your home. With temperature maintained at a desired level, with no unusual sounds or water leakage, you can enjoy a relaxed cool day indoors. Moreover, there are no risks of electrical hazards as all electrical work is being checked and fixed beforehand. 

Ensure Your Air Conditioner Is In Perfect Condition To Meet Your Space’s Cooling Needs 

Professional services give your air conditioner a detailed inspection, cleaning up, and tuning that is basic to keep its performance up to the mark. Servicing ensures your system is in excellent condition and ready to provide the required thermal comfort throughout the summers. 

Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Functional Efficiency 

Whether you use a simple air conditioner or one with advanced features, you want it to function efficiently without giving errors or compromising on cooling or comfort. Pre-summer maintenance is important in this regard. It removes the errors that don’t let air conditioners give their optimum performance hence enhancing the functional efficiency in every aspect. 

Health Benefits

A malfunctioning air conditioner can’t filter the air, leaving behind smell and dirt which are bad for health. Air conditioners have been associated with breathing problems, infective upper respiratory tract diseases, and even chronic illnesses like lung cancer or COPD. However, these health risks are easily preventable by keeping the filters clean. Air conditioner servicing includes comprehensive clearing of filters and ducts and eliminating health risks, promoting healthier living conditions for everyone. 

When searching for a reliable service provider in Melbourne, look at Surrey Air. With professionally trained technicians and experience in servicing air conditioners and heating systems for over 40 years, we deal with all air conditioners from various manufacturers. Our high-quality and detailed services ensure your system remains in the best shape and provides efficient cooling throughout the summer. 


Pre-summer aircon servicing is important to increase the air conditioner’s efficiency and performance. It is essential to provide thermal comfort and peace of mind all through the summers. Along with this aircon servicing also brings cost savings and health benefits.

Always refer to professional air conditioner service providers to get high-quality and comprehensive services for your air conditioner system. 



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Ian Mackenzie
Ian Mackenzie
service request was handled very well the technician arrived within the time frame given and was courteous and efficient and the job done within a sshort time frame
Ric Hanger
Ric Hanger
Positive inter action and courteous service from the repair person.
Markandu Sivanesan
Markandu Sivanesan
On time. Service honest. Advised suggestion. All working fine. Knowledgeable. Serviced well.friendly and helpful advice. Will call again when needed
Aynsley Mitchell
Aynsley Mitchell
I discovered my central heating had failed late Tuesday night. My dealings with Surrey Air staff on Wednesday morning were exceptionally swift, courteous and professional. They had my system back online by lunchtime! It was clear that the office staff including Claire and the field staff took responsibility for fixing my problem and communicating quickly ,and thoroughly, vital information. They provided me with the opportunity to discuss, with Jason (the boss) the potential consequent scenarios following the repair. and solutions to each. I cannot recommend this team highly enough. Professional, Practical, Available and Affordable service I need more stars to reward them all
Pam Sampson
Pam Sampson
A very professional and friendly service which quickly identified the problem with our heating system.The options to correct the problem were clearly identified and the costs made known.
Mark Willing
Mark Willing
Ducted heating service was done promptly and efficiently
Greg Lawson
Greg Lawson
Very thorough work for my service and clearly understood course of action as possible remedy for problem with my Brivis Gas Heater.
Kaylene West
Kaylene West
I would recommend the Surrey Air team. Paul was able to identify the problem with the ducted heating and arranged for the replacement of parts to be installed as soon as possible. Very happy with their work.
David Russell
David Russell
Great service and very easy to deal with

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